The Good, the Bad and the Ugly / Il buono, il brutto, il cattivo (Sergio Leone, 1966)

(John Welles) #341

Not bad, but I don’t think the white borders suit it.

(Novecento) #342

Apart from being a BD + DVD combo, how is this different from the original Japanese BD release. Is it just a nice “limited edition” cover?

(Yodlaf Peterson) #343

[quote=“Novecento, post:342, topic:307”]Apart from being a BD + DVD combo, how is this different from the original Japanese BD release. Is it just a nice “limited edition” cover?[/quote]No idea, more than likely.

(ENNIOO) #344

Limited edition till the next Limited edition comes out :smiley: .

(Charbax) #345

Clint Eastwood and MGM (I guess they own the rights) recently gave permission to my film school friend Katia de Vidas to use footage from The Good, The Bad and The Ugly in new music video for HIRED GUN by Peter Doherty and Alan Wass

What do you think?

(ENNIOO) #346

Not my cup of tea, but sure some people will like :slight_smile: .

(scherpschutter) #347

Good tune, nice voice, but it’s not really my type of music
Like the guitars.

(Col. Douglas Mortimer) #348

Everybody watch this, its terrific:

(Sebastian) #349

yea it’s quite amazing even though it starts weird. they really nailed it

(scherpschutter) #350

Yes, it’s well done, and the beginning is the weakest part.
I’ve watched it twice now, and liked it better the second time.

I suppose they need a ‘song doctor’, the musical equivalent of a script doctor: somebody who says what wrong and what good about existing songs (and proposes some improvements): there’s a really good song in it.

(El Topo) #351

Pete Doherty in Lee HAzelwood mode sounds good, I like the song, I’m a sucker by what’s called Americana and tall US western imaginarium, all the feeling in it, and landscape a la Paris Texas (among others), unfortunately for me only have been in Canada.

About the ukeleke group, good not only the instrumental part the the vocals also, very good feeling

(ENNIOO) #352

[quote=“Col. Douglas Mortimer, post:348, topic:307”]Everybody watch this, its terrific:[/quote]

Yes very nice !

(sartana1968) #353

i saw it 3 times in one month and yes what can i say? it’s a masterpiece, time change the things

(El Topo) #354

Redemption at last, never too late to see the light

(sartana1968) #355

yes of course, but i will never change my mind for once upon a time in the west

(calebo) #356

thats my favourite movie of all times.
just love to watch it again and again
sergio is one of the best directors I have ever known

(Escobar) #357

Why Sentenza had holster on the left side? Whether it not did made longer way to weapon than in common manner? Maybe he uses this method because Leone tried to differentiate him from Blondie?

(Reza) #358

Finally my exams finished…i can take a nice breath now…

(Stanton) #359

A question to the million members here from the whole world:

Was there any theatrical version, apart from the original Italian one, which contained one or more of the scenes which were not part of the so called 161 min international version.

I mean those 7 scenes (or part of scenes) which were firstly dubbed in 2002 for the English version:

(Stanton) #360

No answer yet. Is no answer here already the answer?