The future of spaghetti westerns on disc

Will we ever reach a point when spags won’t be put on disc?

I mean how many spaghetti westerns have been made?

Surely all the well received spags like Leone’s, Corbucci’s have been remastered but
will distributors ever touch some lesser known or even bottom of the barrel spaghetti westerns?

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I’m sure we will inevitably reach a point where no one is releasing discs anymore. Every medium reaches a time where it is outmoded so this will go for all films, not just spaghettis.

But at the moment we are actually seeing more of these films getting mainstream releases than ever before. The upcoming Vengeance Trails box set is a perfect case in point. As was the Sartana one. None of these films had had a proper DVD release in the UK before and are now getting Bluray ones. And I know Arrow are planning more. So, in truth, although the day will inevitably come when discs will be outdated, right now we are in something of a golden age for disc releases I think.

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Well we already had a blu-ray release of Jesse and Lester… :smiley:

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Someone should tell Richard Harrison! He was still “hoping” for a HD release.

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As long as there is people buying genre films on boutique labels there will be releases, and I doubt that they will run out of films to release before the interest dies. However, there is a chance that good condition 35mm prints will go lost over time…

Isn’t that his favourite movie?

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Well he did direct it. :joy:

My Opinion is that Blu-Ray and Disc Media will go the way of VHS over the next few years

I Haven’t Bought a Disc in Over a Decade

Who has room for all that Storage Space needed for Discs and their Cases :man_shrugging:

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