The films of fulci

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I think you should drop Bullet for Sandoval out cause it isn’t really Fulci’s film. Can’t really say which one i prefer. Massacre Time is classic, Silver Saddle is also very good late-era spaghetti western. Four of the Apocalypse has it’s charm too even if it’s little uncoherent.

Not counting Sandoval, only 4 For the apocalypse have been released on an official disc, right?

There’s at least two official dvd’s of Massacre Time. SPO disc from Japan and one from Eagle Pictures Italy.

I thought sandoval was a fulci film,please explain…

He only co-directed some parts of it. I don’t know exactly how much he was involved but it was Julio Buchs who directed most of this.

I must admit that I haven’t seen Man in the Silver Saddle but I’ve seen the others. Massacre Time is clearly the best (in my opinion, of course). I like portions of Four of the Apocalypse but think that it should have made better use of Milian’s characters (truly a sick and scary individual…)


I’ve only seen Massacre Time but I liked it!

I think my fav is now Four of the Apocalypse since it is the most entertaining I’ve seen from him. Haven’t seen Silver Saddle and Sandoval is not Fulci’s film. Not even half. According to George Hilton and he should know. He was there.

Massacre Time for me.

I would rate them in this order.

  1. Silver saddle
  2. Four of the apocalypse
  3. Massacre time

For me,too

Have not caught up with SILVER SADDLE as of yet

i would have to go for Massacre Time

How come there are 17 votes but “Total Members Voted: 14”? Also, why the 2 White Fang films are not included. ???

Since A Bullet for Sandoval (a masterpice) is not Fulci, I’ll vote for Massacre Time too. 4 of the Apocalypse and Silver Saddle just average. Damn awful hippie scores ruin much of both films for me. >:(

That would make the 1st White Fang his second best spaghetti. Yeah, this was not Fulci’s genre…

Not everybody considers White Fang to be western. They call it an adventure film set in the snowy candian or alaskan wilderness.

[quote=“Silver Wolf, post:15, topic:313”]How come there are 17 votes but “Total Members Voted: 14”?[/quote]I think the poll shows the votes of members who have deleted their account or have been banned too.

masacre time
i like a lot the team: frango nero, george hilton

Silver Saddle is ok. I thought it was a well done late spaghetti but it lacked the nostalgia of other twilight spaghetti westerns, like Keoma.

On the other hand, Massacre Time is a genre classic. It is stylistically unusual with Fulci creating his own weird and surreal twist on Leone’s style. It was a well thought out movie. I love the US dub (AIP, right?) on the WildEast DVD, which is far less intrusive than the UK dub on most releases.

Four of the Apocalypse is not quite as good, but still an excellent late spaghetti western. Unfortunately, it is hyped in the context of his zombie and slasher films, so its more lyrical and human elements are overlooked.