The Fighting Fists of Shanghai Joe / Il mio nome è Shangai Joe (Mario Caiano, 1973)

“It’s right up the good end of the bad ones” Nice one ;D The first time I saw this was years ago and I hated it. One of the more worthless movies I had seen. But I was a kung fu nut at the time. If it didn’t match the fighting in Shaolin vs Lama or Five Element Ninjas, I wasn’t into it. And this guy Chen Lee didn’t do anything for me. I don’t know why I decided to revisit this, but I did. And I kinda liked it. Much better than the first time I saw it. 3 stars seems like a good rating. I still think the gore is pretty stupid looking, and the music would have been better if I hadn’t just watched the 3rd Sartana movie. My favorite part is Klaus Kinski. Too bad he’s barely in it. This movie could have been something special if he had a large role.

This got 5 stars from me. It was one of first westerns I ever saw decades ago. I did not even know then it was made in italy, I was maybe 10 years old. But I was huge fan of karate/kung-fu movies and westerns then. I had forgotten plot when time passed just recalled great music score which I picked on mp3. Version in allergos cheap box set is crap.

Yesterday I watched this at last from japanese disc. Was surprised how gory it is…Yes, fights are not good and there are several better spaghettis but it`s still enjoyable movie. But nostalgy factor made it to 5/5, if would have been first view then perhaps 3 or 4/5.

Has anyone picked up the German DVD of this released this year? Wonder how the quality is.

Just had time to watch it yesterday. I enjoyed the movie very much.

It is just a fun movie , do not think too much about the story…

  • I have never seen a man so quickly on his feet after both legs were shot. Wither his chinese herbs did very well or Kinski had a very bad shot…
  • Not to mention that the bad guy Spencer, who after all sent the 5 assasins after Mr.Shanghai Joe, in the end completely was forgotten.
  • And what a coïncedence that this other chinese burned Lotus guy showed up in such a small town in America. Only two in hundreds of years that fulfilled the training course …

And all mentioned othe flaws.

But there are enough movies to watch just to escape daily bussiness and this is certainly one of them.

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Maybe I’m less exigent nowadays, cause I kind of enjoy the second run that I gave it recently. A prop for Fox Movies Portugal for having such a flick on the grid. Version broadcasted has really nice quality and Italian audio which is how it should!

Shanghai Joe looking the best its been available so far on Amazon Prime:

It appears to be uncut also running the full 98min.

Screen comparisons with Argentina DVD.

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I watched this a couple months ago on YouTube. There is a channel called grjngo (amogo is the parent channel) that has tons of free spaghetti westerns. I’d agree with what another poster said towards the beginning of the thread. It’s among the best of the bad films. It’s over the top, silly, cringey in a couple scenes but over a fun movie I won’t revisit very often.

Il mio nome è Shangai Joe is probably the most anti-American Western I’ve ever seen. With the exception of one elderly country doctor, all (white, male) Americans in this film are total bastards – aggressive, condescending, greedy and utterly racist. “We finally got rid of the Indians, and now we’re up to our ass in Chinks,” one frontier feller fumes. The Mexican characters, on the other hand, are depicted in a very sympathetic way, as is, of course, the Chinese hero.

Shangai Joe was clearly co-financed by the Communist Party of China (CPC). Or the World Health Organization (WHO). Or both. :sunglasses:

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Is the Wild East Blu-ray release of this out of print? I can’t find a copy anywhere.

Believe they discontinued it due to a rights issue, i was still able to grab a copy of off Ebay last week for the standard price fortunately. But am expecting sellers to ask higher and more ridiculous prices now that the news is out

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Just started this one,watched with the sound off while doing a podcast the version that is on Youtube. This is a full frame slightly washed out looking version from a Mill Creek 16 Spaghetti Westerns in a tin set.

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Thx downloading it right now. Grabbed a 64 gig flash drive today. Planned on ripping a bunch of decent looking films off that Grjingo channel.

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