The Christmas Kid / Joe Navidad (Sidney W. Pink, 1967)

Dialogue in the Pakistani version of The Good, the Bad and the Ugly has been changed.
From now on, Tuco says:

“If you wanna talk, talk, don’t shoot”

I prefer Graucho

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This sounds like a good movie for christmas ;).

Must get round to watching a film on christmas day this year !

As this started out as a forum for “The Christmas Kid” and the info on SWDB is a bit summier, I started to read this forum. OOO MY GOD, halfway, I thought that looking too much to Spaghetti westerns infected the brains of all you guys :wink: !! Or It looked as each was playing his roll in a new movie off bad ass god swearing, shooting and fighting bastards who all loves to play his roll as good as it gets. I constantly had a big smile on my face (so it has to be a new Trinity movie) . I loved it, and I even more smiled with tears in my eyes when the end of the movie was a nice Christmas end. As I recall, my wife always say that all men stay little boys and never grow up and I am one of them. I don’t know if you guys know Woody, the cowboy from “Toy Story”. Long time ago, we bought for our youngest son a Woody doll . And when you pull on a string he talks : " Hi hy cowboy, there’s a snake in my booth". My son is now 25 years old and when I see him , I greet him with : “Hi Hy cowboy, there’s a snake in my booth” and he always answers me " My name is Woody, you’re my favorite deputy" and we both laugh or ass of. Thank you guys, I love you all, I always appreciate everyone’s opinion, but will not always agree with it. Gladly we all have different tastes, as otherwise you all would be chasing after my wife … :wink:

This is Toscano.

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Nice to meet you.

So glad I stumbled upon this thread. Reading arguments from the past is a hobby of mine.

And mine :wink:

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Thank you for the entertainment, sir.

This film’s page in the database has been updated to the new layout. I stumbled across one picture (see picture page) that could be a DVD? Not sure, info welcome

Is this leaning more towards a comedy or is it a serious one?