The Big Gundown / La resa dei conti (Sergio Sollima, 1966)

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I watched this film for the first time yesterday and I was blown away. The music, acting, camera angles, cinematography, was all perfect to me and not only are we treated to one duel, but two! One thing I was kinda let down with was Tomas Milian not dubbing his voice for the English version.

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Yes that was a real shame as it certainly would have improved his character. It was the perfect Milian role that was soon to become his staple. Dubbing it just did not do it justice.

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Although after watching it several times, I actually think that whoever did the voice over did Milian justice overall.

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Yeah, I thought so too.
I thought it was Milian’s voice until a few months ago.

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Yes, to be fair, the voice dubbing was actually pretty good. When I watched it the first time, I noticed that he sounded different from usual and had my suspicions. However, the dubbing not only sounded decent but was also a passable imitation of Milian although deeper in tone.

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I have to say, with shame in the voice, that I haven’t seen this film (due to that It’s always out of stock when I’m going to buy it).

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You’re still young, so …

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I first viewed this when I was 16 as I recall, so you are doing fine.

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Glad to hear that.

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A whole lot better than the dub in ‘Django Kill’

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Does it excist a uncut copy of this anywhere? I got Franco Cleefs release and the one i bought from CultCine, but both are missing many scenes. For example the scene where Cochio is about to have sex with the lady at the farm, then the film jumps to the next scene where Cochio is being whipped by her workers. Why is he getting whipped? What happend in between those two scenes? There are many missing scenes in this movie.

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Do you actually know the scenes are missing or are you just wondering? As far as I know, the Koch release was uncut, which is where the Cultcine version came from

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I think the movie is uncut. The scene switches to Milian being whipped because Nieves Navarro plays a sort of dominitrix. She likes to have her way with men. She sleeps with them and than enjoys having them whipped and having them answer to her every whim. This is why Van Cleef didn’t trust her.

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Franco Cleef’s version is only short by about 2 seconds otherwise it is uncut. In the completely uncut version (Koch Media and Cult Cine versions) there is an extremely brief reaction shot of Milian during the finale confrontation and that is the only difference.
So, there are no missing scenes in the version you have.

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Smart guy, this Van Cleef

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Thanks, I’d heard that about 2 seconds was missing but had never established when it actually was.

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Hey guys, I found a copy of The Big Gundown on an upload site and I am trying to figure out what version it is. It is titled “1966 The Big Gundown”, and the length is 1:45:37. I believe the audio track is the one Franco Cleef made. According to the screen-shots on, the quality of the copy I have is better than Franco Cleef’s but not as good as Cultcine’s, and the resolution of my copy doesn’t match either. Are cultcine’s images accurate? Their screenshot should be identical to Koch’s and autephex’s versions right? I’ve included a link to all 3 screenshots.

thnx for the help :slight_smile:

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I just rewatched this one after a couple of years.

Fuckin’ hell. That really IS a movie. I can’t say anything against it. It is perfect. Not a single minute of boredom, that even the Leones come up with.

I think I have to correct my top20. Big Gundown has to be right up there (can’t remember where it is right now).

The showdown is one of the greatest ever filmed. And it has one of the best Morricone soundtracks.

Man, I thing I’ll go back to the screen and watch it right again…

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Still after two days the flick is on my mind…