The Big Gundown / La resa dei conti (Sergio Sollima, 1966)

Yes I agree the singing could have been better in the main theme. She seems off key when she’s saying NEVER!!! lol.

I think the lyrics are pretty corny as well. “Run like a dear, fast like a rabbit”. or something like that hahaha.

But its a great score nonetheless. I especially liked the music when Tomas Milian duels with Chet.

So many of the lyrics to some of these theme songs are terribly cheesy. I think that’s part of their charm though. I think i prefer the Italian version of the song from this film actually. And music wise, the best part for me is when Cuchillo is being hunted down through the fields…

I haven’t seen this one yet (yeah, shame on me), but I bought Run Man Run on dvd. So, do I need to see this one first, or doesn’t it matter?

You don’t have to see them in order. Curchillo is the only character who is in both films (as far as I remember.)

I’ve noticed that Spaghetti Western Sequels almost never follow any sort of story continuity from the original movies. Run Man Run is pretty much a stand alone movie. Yes Milian is back playing the same character, but from what I can remember there is almost no reference to the Big Gundown. Yes, it is safe to watch it first.

Alright. Thanks, guys.

Anyone know how to contact the guy about grabbing a copy? I was told he occasionally shows up here.

You would be better of trading for it with someone on the site. May save you some cash.

Uh, could see that I hadn’t voted for this movie yet. 5 stars from me. This is Sollima’s finest western without doubt, up there with Leone’s classics. Even the soundtrack by Morricone is up there, definitely one of my favourites and I think the soundtrack I’ve listened the most to along with the one for Giu la testa. This is good stuff.

Do you have the expanded or regular edition soundtrack to THE BIG GUNDOWN ?

Got the 24-track version. Doesn’t get any more expanded than that does it?

Along with The Great Silence the best non-Leone western. I have the Italian DVD from the Colt Collection. Image is excellent and audio both 5.1 and 2.0 (mono) but only in Italian. But there are subtitles for the HOH and they’re a big help. So those of you who understand the language a little …

Yes, that is the expanded edition alright !

Did you ever have the regular standard version before you had the expanded version ?

Nope that’s the one I started out with. But it’s always hard with these soundtracks, you think you got the complete soundtrack when suddenly an edition with a couple of more tracks comes out.

The title song always gives me goosebumps and makes wanna see the movie again. It doesn’t get any better than that.

… should still get the Sergio Sollima Italo Western Box Set from Koch Media :slight_smile: … The first time I saw the movie was in fact also via the disc in the Italian Colt Collection. Watched it with the Italian subtitles and actually understood most of what was going on. Still I prefer the English subtitles on my Koch Media-edition. Have actually never seen the movie with the English dub eventhough I have the Franco Cleef-edition lying around somewhere.

Well like you I have the expanded edition which of course has been re-mastered, and on the whole that is the version I prefer.
However, the sound of some tracks has altered in the re-mastering process and I do prefer the ‘mix’ of some of the tracks on the regular version, so I have still kept my regular version aswell.

OK, AvatarDK, but why should I buy the Box set from Koch? Why do you prefer the English subtitles? I mean, I’m (nearly) fluent in Italian, only have some problems with spoken Italian, especially in movies (the audio of SW can be poor and Italian still is a bit alien to my Dutch/Flemish ears, even after years of study - I’m serious, not making a joke). I also have the colt collection DVD of Faccia a Faccia (also a great movie); I don’t own Corri uomo corri/Run man Run and I’m thinking about buying the French release (which comes with a book) or an independent release or … yes, the Koch Box-set. So help me out, amigo, anybody, what’s the best buy, and why?

If you master the Italian language sufficiently and you don’t prefer English audio, I’d go wit the Italian release of Faccia a Faccia. It is available for € 13.00. It’s this disc:
Genere Azione
Produzione Mondo Home Entertainment, 2004
Dati tecnici 110 min.
5 Singolo strato (Formato schermo 16:9)
PAL Area 2
Lingua audio italiano, Dolby Digital 2.0 - stereo - italiano, Dolby Digital 5.1
Lingua sottotitoli italiano per non udenti
ebay link:

I would buy the Blue Underground edition of Run Man Run at Boudisque € 13.99. Go to a store or do it online:

Resa dei conti (RHV release) is also available on ebay for € 12.99 incl shipping.

In other words, buy tem separately and you’re off cheaper. If you care about the box’s extras you might want to consider the box.

You should watch the English dub just to hear Van Cleef’s actual voice in the part (since it’s one of his best performances…)

Because I like most people on this board, I take it, in spite of their interest am NOT fluent in Italian :slight_smile: The comment was meant only for that crowd.

Like Bad Lieutenant says above I’d go for the Blue Underground-release in that case. I believe the release in the Koch Media box actually got some NTSC -> PAL conversion problems (haven’t seen it as I got the BU-box aswell). Don’t know the French release but if it got the Italian dub it may be alright.

I just may do that. It’s always a pleasure hearing van Cleef’s crisp voice. I’ll dig up the release!