The Big Gundown / La resa dei conti (Sergio Sollima, 1966)

Great movie. Lee Van Cleef is great in this one and Tomas Milian is too. The funniest part is when Lee Van Cleef tells the Mormon guy that he’s relieved about his daughter being safe. Hahahaha. I think the ending was guilty of tying up too many loose ends. As Sollima said on the Run Man Run DVD, he prefers not the finish the whole story when the movie ends. I prefer this one to Run Man Run, which is really good.

My faviourite non-Leone spaghetti, I love this movie:)

Koch Media is releasing their DVD sometime this year.

Hopefully it will contain English subtitles

I have yet to see this movie :-/

just rewatched it. what a great score! I prefer the English opening song to the Italian version, but it’s definitely mindblowing

I don’t like the singing.

Would be much better in an instrumental version.

I think I dislike every song which were used in SWs in the credit sequences.

really? I think that’s part of the whole spaghetti western thing, the james bond like opening credit sequences. they are in the spirit of their time. i love it

Same here ;D

Yes they’re wonderful, but didn’t Stanton mean he just doesn’t like the vocal singing in spaghetti main-themes ???

Not that he doesn’t like the credits or the music ???

I love the singing themes. Johnny Yuma, Stranger (Any Gun Can Play), even A Gringo Like Me (Duello Nel Texas).
They are kitsch but I love them.

I don’t like the singing in most of the american westerns, and I don’t like the singing in most of the SWs, because they sound (especially in the early ones) as copies of american examples. They all sound so melodramatic. The singing mostly kills the music, at least parts of it.

But I love the singing in Vamos a matar Companeros. That’s Spaghetti style singing. Incredible.

I think singing in the beginning of “la resa dei conti” is aslo very spaghetti style - you don’t hear that kind of singing in american westerns

Yes the singing in early italian westerns is often corny, I think they tried to copy most things from american B-westerns.

And as we all know Morricone later on came up with something quite new in his western-scores when it came to human voices!

Grunts, screaming, animal-like sounds, the angelic choir, and the soprano of Edda dell’Orso!

The singing in Big Gundown could perhaps have been better with a different singer?

are you kidding me? that voice is genius. i would have a sore throat! haha
"NEEEEEVER!!! NEEEEEVER!!!" awesome stuff…

That singer is called Khrissy I think, she did some more work on spaghettis, wasn’t it Tepepa?

She’s not bad, my question was aimed at Stanton!

That is correct.

Excellent movie. It’s plot wanders off course a bit from time to time but, all in all, a wonderful film with two great lead performances.


The scene where Milian and Cleef stumble across the “man ranch?” is so bizarre, it’s the kind of thing that sets Spaghetti Westerns apart from their American counterparts. Amazing!!!

Exactly. I wonder whether the Coen Brothers were influenced by this film (and spaghetti westerns in general) as it seems like something they might have invented. A strange and interesting sequence, indeed!

Does anyone know anything about Gerard Herter?

He’s in several Spaghetti westerns such as Adios Sabata yet very little to nothing can be found about the man.
Any information or help would be appreciated. ???

I made enquiries about him a few years back on the SWDb and no one had any info on him. He seems to have completely disappeared. I always thought he made a great villain and had real screen presence.