The Best of Volonté

(seanmallory) #1

What do you think? There’s a lot of “best of” topics, he too worths one…

(alk0) #2

For me it has to be ‘for a few dollars more’, he’s at his best in that one.

(Phil H) #3

Yeah he is great in ‘For a Few Dollars More’ (as was everyone involved) but his performance in ‘A Bullet for the General’ just gets it for me. He was fabulous as Chuncho and showed the character’s inner moral struggle really well while playing it as big as usual just the way we like him.

(Yodlaf Peterson) #4

Same for me :slight_smile:

(Bill san Antonio) #5

All of his westerns are awesome, among the best films of the genre. But For Few Dollars More is no doubt the best.

(Søren) #6

For a Few Dollars More is the better movie, but liked him better in A Bullet for the General and Face to Face. Bullet gets my vote.

(Phil H) #7

my thoughts exactly

(Silver) #8

For me it’s a toss up between “For A Few Dollars More” and “Face To Face”. I think, because the characters he plays have more depth in a psychological sense, especially in “face To Face”.


FACE TO FACE as it’s so interesting to see how his character changes during the course of the film.

My favourite SOLLIMA western aswell.