The 21st Century's 100 Greatest Films

Interestingly I’m not that fond of the films you don’t like either. I view them also as overrated, but far away from bad.
(You “hate” them without really hating them? :wink: )

The Lives of Others is a good film, bit it lacks that last momentum which turns all its ideas into something special for me.

I couldn’t get into The New World, but want to rewatch it, and haven’t watched the DC (but have bought it).

Mulholland Drive is one of the 10 best films ever. An endless pleasure to watch, the total fascination. So my # 1 too, followed by OldBoy.

Of these films I only hated 51 Inception, probably because I had expected a lot more from it (I had, for instance, loved the director’s Memento). Hate and love of course, and again, in a metaphorical sense.

A relatively small film that was a real surprise to me (and I’m therefore glad to see it on this list) was 65. Fish Tank

What surprises me, is that Ex Machina is not in the Top 20/30 (Did I overlook it or isn’t it listed at all?). I should see the movie again to know how much I really like or dislike it, but it was at least a challenging affair.

21st century not a vintage century for me.

For me the last 20 years were a great time for movies.

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What a delight to find a Godard film, Adieu au langage (2014), among this list. Two Malick flicks ranked better put a damper though on any kind of hope, maybe one should hope against hope. Or fight. And write.

If I counted right, I’ve seen 37.

We had similar topic (my own baby); What are your favorite 21st century movies?

Looking at my choices on that topic, there are only 3 out of 20 movies from my list that made this Top 100 (5 if we counf WALL-E and Spirited away which were in my Top 5 animated). I guess that makes me kind of proud, always liked to be few steps away from any kind of herd :slight_smile:
(Although more of them would probably make my current top 20: 4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days, Fury Road, maybe Wolf of WS. Fish Tank was also good).

BIGGEST omission: No Memories of a Murder, but its copycat is at No.12 ?!?
Surprises: Not single Inarritu? No Downfall? No Eastwood either.
Weak movies that made the list: 25th Hour, Her.
And I’m not too fond of Haneke and I see critics still like their Coen brothers.

I wouldn’t be so dismissive of a IMDB. IMDB is The Voice of People and I respect that (and the taste in movies of mass audience tends to be better than mass taste in some other forms of art like music. I mean, they are still easily fooled into watching bad movies, but they will say they were bad afterwards :wink: )

I don’t think so.

And IMDB is some kind of manipulated list by omitting all films with less than 50.000 votes. Makes sure that only films everyone has heard about are on the list. Otherwise even that list would be very different.

“Voice of people” lists have of course also interesting aspects, but such lists are made by too many people who only watch the usual mainstream films.

Viewed one on the list, and that bored the hell out of me.

Which one did you watch/see?

Must be Mad Max: Fury Road. Well, if you don’t like people riding from left to ride in the first half of the movie, and from right to left - or the other way round - it must be a boring movie

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…you are on the wrong site! :wink:

Haha! Right, sounds like a Fidani western :smiley:

I switched Fury Road off at the first 20 minutes. Not that I’m all for thought provoking, deep movies that must have something to say, but in this case I just could not do the task. I felt that it was made for people who rate movies based only on how cool the special effects are.

I didn’t dislike the movie, but yes, it had a certain Fidani riding quality

Fury Road is a film you should definitely see in theater. Ok, a good film can be enjoyable even from crappy vhs or whatever but it annoys me when people say to me something like “Hateful Eight was so crappy and boring, I tried to watch it from my laptop while I had a hangover and got bored” :smiley:

The Assassination of Jesse James

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Admittedly, it’s a bit long. But boring? Well, opinions about it expressed here on the forum differ widely.

I KNEW he was going to say The Assassination of Jesse James… ! The only western on there, isn’t it? :grinning:

Diff’rent strokes and all that of course, but I think it’s a fantastic movie, one of my ten favourite non-spag westerns, for sure. Having said that though and despite how much I like it personally, I can certainly see why some might not.

Didn’t like it myself or like Ennioo said bored the hell out of me.

Yeah, I guess it’s the only western on the list. Some call Brokeback Mountain a western but I believe it’s set in modern times (haven’t seen it) and No Country for Old Men is definitely not a western even though I’ve heard that one called as a one too.

No Country and Brokeback have western elements, but I don’t view them as westerns too