As a newcomer to the SW genre I’d just like to place on record my thanks to all those on this forum for all the great info here. Especially grateful to Sebastian for his superb German and US DVD listings - also to the people who posted their favourite films on the “poll” thread. All these have been extremely helpful to me in starting a basic collection.

As a refugee from Gothic Horror movies I’m familiar with concepts of different releases in different countries, cut versions etc but I’d have been totally at sea with all the different names for the same films without the magnificent SW database. What a wonderful resource! Stopped me buying the same movie twice (or even 3 times) on several occasions.

Thanks once again.


Hi John.
Welcome to the board, thanks for coming.
It’s nice to hear that our efforts are so helpful to many. For the same reason you came here, I started this website, to provide all the fans with a start-off point for their movie-loving.

Thank you for being here, spread the word!