Testing SWDb 3.0

Well, we could do the first sentence, then if there’s more to say, add more (like for the Leone’s etc.).

How exactly would u write it? We currently are inconsistent with the ()s and the /s and so on… Does @Phil_H have a suggestion too maybe?

You can probably word it better… I’m not sure how to handle the countries of production with this intro.

Sounds pretty solid, what do others think? For search engine reasons I think that in the AKA section then the most popular English title should be the first one we list.

Upgraded the software today. The categories at the bottom of pages are styled wrong. No biggie, will fix this somewhat.
More concerning: where did the Great Silence BluRay subpage go? Weird… hope there aren’t more pages “missing”… not quite sure what to make of this

Update: Damn, I think more stuff is messed up. Update2: FUCK. restoring now to 7.30pm status

Is this to blame for the intro for the Django page?? :rofl:

Should all be back to “normal”. I need to attempt another upgrade some other day

what is the problem with the intro? :wink: Feel free to fix it. Transferred your playground of the Fistful of Dollars page to the “real” one as I think it was finished, no?

" Django (Italy/Spain 1966) is the fourth spaghetti western directed by Sergio Corbucci. It is famous for taking place entirely in the snow, for featuring a mute protagonist…"

Uh, it’s for The Great Silence?


I can’t be trusted working nights anymore :slight_smile:

I think it’s looking great. Nothing I can see to change to be honest.

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Switched once upon a time in the west around. Can someone take a closer look, add some info and links, and also we hardly have any VHS info in there, and horribly few actual reviews of this film :slight_smile:

We can keep track of films migrated in the post above where I also put together some kind of checklist

Transferred the GBU site and now we can see the problem with this layout when there are TONS of AKA titles… I mean it’s not a “problem”, but it’s not optimal.

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I see what you mean, but its looking really nice. You guys have been doing a good job with the changes.

@Admin , I think Death Rides a Horse is ready for you to check and add your data. I’m really unhappy with the poster, it has a lot of white at the top which makes the info to the right appear lowered.

Looks pretty good to me @Carlos :+1:

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Will check Tomorrow… But try a different poster?

I think we should just switch around posters until the pages look nice. For example on the GBU page we’ll actually have to pick a more vertical poster that has more height…

put it live, not sure yet what to add, sounds like a “2023 task” to me :))