TCM Friday - 4 Spaghetti's!

(Pongwookie) #1

Hi all, I just found out about this awesome website and joined ;D

Sorry for the short notice, but I hope this info can help those of you that get the Turner Classic Movies (TCM) channel. They’ll be showing four spaghetti’s this Friday the 27th of June.

Here are the showtimes (I’m in California so time given is Pacific) with english and italian titles plus year released:

3:00AM - Gunfighters Of Casa Grande (1964) Pistoleros di Casa Grande

6:30AM - Hate For Hate (1967) Odio por odio

10:00AM - A Stranger In Town (1968) Un Dollaro tra i denti

11:30AM - The Stranger Returns (1968) Un Uomo, un cavallo, una pistola

P.S. I have my own YouTube channel that might be of interest to some of you:


   You can see lots of Spaghetti Western clips and trailers there  :D  Enjoy!

(Bluntwolf) #2

Welcome to the forum Pongwookie !!! Nice trailer collection on youtube :slight_smile: !!!

(Garko Forever) #3

I grabbed all of them on DVR except for “Pistoleros di Casa Grande.” Can’t believe I missed that one!

I already own the double feature of “The Stranger” movies, but I find a strange pleasure in watching them off of regular cable and knowing that other fans are watching the same flick.