Swwb virus problems again - important - read this!

(Silver Wolf) #1


Everyone here probably knows that The Spaghetti Western Web Board had virus problems some months ago. About a week ago I visited the SWWB for first time in months and everything seemed to be ok - that is until today…

Here’s what F-Secure had to say the same minute I got to SWWB:


Trojan-Spy:W32/Banker.IWN (virus)
C:\Documents and Settings-\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5\XZEX6VVJ\mci[1].htm

Goddamn! I have legal F-Secure which I update daily, firewall + Mozilla Firefox so it’s certainly not a problem with my security software.

F-Secure web page says it’s a spy program designed to steal passwords. F-Secure Anti-Virus suggested that the file should be cleaned but couldn’t do it and renamed it instead. After that I deleted infected files manually. Ran full check-up of all files (including hidden ones) and everything seems to be ok now.

When I opened the site I also got pop-up about some Indian (meaning: company from India) travel company. I don’t know if that has anything to do with this but someone at SWWB said earlier that the previous virus might have came from pop-ups even if one doesn’t click them (I didn’t). Firefox can usually block all pop-ups but for some reason it doesn’t work with SWWB. Strange…

Anyway, enter the SWWB at your own risk and also check your computer just in case if you have been there lately. If someone here feels safe & secure enough to enter the site he can send this info to webmaster so they know about the problem and try to solve it.

Please write to this topic if/when they get rid of this problem - I’m not going back there before that.

(Sebastian) #2

also, don’t use Internet Explorer…