SWs you'd like to see on DVD

(Yodlaf Peterson) #41

Both of these have come out in Japan with English language or a box set with these two and Hills run red.i know that’s in the east but why not import them.

(Yocke) #42

Because Japanese discs are expensive as all hell. Plus, the Mercenary disc isn’t anamorphic, which means it’s worth it even less.

(Sebastian) #43

the mercenario japan dvd is OOP and fucking expensive :wink:

(Lee Van McQueen) #44

Are you familiar with Franco Cleef Reconstruction DVD-R’s?

(Bill san Antonio) #45

Yes, I have most of them. Brilliant work!!!

(Yodlaf Peterson) #46

Oh! i didn’t realise, i know the box set was limited but i thought they were re-released seperately.
They also put out a Sabata box which i managed to get and it cost me the fucking earth, now it’s out in the U.S. for about £22 for all 3 and better prints aswell, i wouldn’t sell my Jap ones though, great packaging.
They (Stingray) also put out a wooden box set of “Fistful of Dynamite” which is quire nice.

I wonder if any other Leone’s are going to get the deluxe box treatment in Germany, i have The once upon a time… with harmonica and Fisful/for a few box with watch.

If anyone can help i’m looking for a Japanese laserdisc of “Sonny & Jed”.

(Musket) #47

I want to have a SARTANA Box ,perhaps from Koch Media - they did a good job with the Halleluja,Sollima and Django Box.Hope they come to the Idea that Sartana is missing…Or a Zapata Box with Mercenary ,Compneros and Quien Sabe ,or … :wink:

(Lode) #48

There won’t be any box sets by Koch. Damn!

(Sebastian) #49

well i dont like box sets anyway. in the case of their Django box set they mixed movies that don’t have anything to do with each other anyways (Execution isn’t part of the blood money garko films)

(Musket) #50

Better than nothing :wink: .

I wrote it before the Interview was published :wink:

…and dreaming is allowed :stuck_out_tongue:

(Mortimer) #51

C’è Sartana… vendi la pistola e comprati la bara (english title I Am Sartana, Trade Your Guns for a Coffin )

The Hellbenders

Kill Them All And Come Back Alone

(violentprofessional) #52

Kill Them All & Come Back Alone.
Bury Them Deep
.Devil Was An Angel.
Dead Men Don’t Make Shadows.

(sartana1968) #53

sartana does not forgive
treasure hunt
i came i saw i shot


Six years later my want list:

Quanto costa morire? (Merolle)
Long Days of Vengeance (Vancini)
Requiem for a Gringo
God Forgives, I Don’t
El Puro
Nevada/Greatest Job in the West
*Deaf Smith & Johnny Ears
John the Bastard
Monta in sella, figlio di…!/ Great Chihuahua
Treasure Hunt (Ricci)
Ci risiamo, vero Provvidenza?
Tutto per tutto (Lenzi)
Mestizo (Buchs)
Challenge of the MacKennas (Klimovsky)
*La Bataille de San Sebastián
What am I Doing in the Middle of the
Revolution? (Corbucci)

All uncut, proper aspect ratio, clean picture and sound, and English-friendly.

One can always hope.


[quote=“Charlie_Bowdre, post:54, topic:78”]
Requiem Requiem for a Gringo[/quote]

Meant to be out on blu-ray this month, but I haven’t heard any further news i.e pre-orders.

(The Man With a Name) #56

I’d like to see Blu-ray releases of Bandidos, Long Days of Vengeance, El Puro, Sartana Does Not Forgive and it would be nice if Koch re-released 10,000 Dollars for a Massacre with optional English and Italian audio.


good English friendly releases of the following:

Long Days of Vengeance
The Specialists
Dead Men Ride
Vengeance is Mine
El Puro


Pray to God & Dig Your Grave.

(Sebastian) #59

German release is English-friendly https://www.spaghetti-western.net/index.php/Lunghi_giorni_della_vendetta,_I/DVD

Yes that would be great, too bad the Koch disc is missing the English audio, as the English dub is really not too shabby.


I’ll second all them but add A Taste of Death. Even The Specialists which I’m not overly keen on but I still find myself watching every now and again just because it fascinates me so much, I still have a bootleg DVD from years ago but if an official release came out I’d buy it again.