SWDb Spaghetti Western Hall of Fame

(Col. Douglas Mortimer) #1001

Because of the site upgrading you will have an extra two days to nominate. Deadline is Tuesday at midnight.

(John Welles) #1002

It looks like the Col. has reverted to his old username due to the forum upgrade - the secret’s out!

(scherpschutter) #1003

So the Col. is mrchallenge ?

What’s next?

(Col. Douglas Mortimer) #1004

LOL and no way to change it back apparently lest creating a whole new account.

Oh well. Is there anybody else who has been similarly “exposed” so to speak?

(John Welles) #1005

Well Soren has become AvatarDK!

(Bill san Antonio) #1006

If someone exposes to be SARTANA DJANGO BALLADS then I’m really getting worried.

(ENNIOO) #1007

Ha, ha yes !..this is very true.

(scherpschutter) #1008

No, but I have become a ‘moderator’ all of a sudden (look at the shield after my name). Didn’t know we had them.

(Col. Douglas Mortimer) #1009

Hey everybody. Okay time to vote!

Here are this year’s nominees:

Mark Damon (Leading Actor)
Henry Fonda (Leading Actor)
Michele Lupo (Director)
Paolo Bianchini (Director)
Joseph Egger (Supporting Actor)
Luciano Rossi (Supporting Actor)
Claudio Undari aka Robert Hundar (Supporting Actor)
Jose Manuel Martin (Supporting Actor)
Jose Calvo (Supporting Actor)
Chelo Alonso (Actress)
Arrigo Colombo and Giorgio Papi (Producer)
Joe D’Amato (Cinematographer)
Sartana Django Ballads (Special)

Okay so read carefully before voting. This is how it works: You may vote either by replying to this thread or by PMing me. You will have 3 votes and 3 people will be inducted this year. The two people with the most votes will get inducted. Also either Joe D’Amato or Papi/Columbo will also get inducted.

Please vote in the following format:

  1. The person you feel most strongly about (Please do not vote for Joe D’Amato or Colombo/Papi). This is worth 1.5 votes.
  2. The other person that you would like to vote for. (Please do not vote for Joe D’Amato or Colombo/Papi).This is worth 1 vote.
  3. Choose between Joe D’Amato and Columbo/Papi. This is worth 1 vote.

Does everybody understand this?
First vote: The guy you want the most to win worth 1.5
Second Vote: The other guy you want to win worth 1.0
Third Vote: Choose between D’Amato and Columbo/Papi. Don’t vote for them in the first two votes.

Okay everybody got it? Start now!!!

Voting ends December 2nd at midnight.


PS: I’m just kidding about Sartana Django Ballads. Please don’t vote for him.

(Stanton) #1010

SD is at least preferable to Colombo/Papi.

(John Welles) #1011

I think such hyperbole and overstatement is beneath you @Stanton :wink:

My votes for this now venerable institution:

  1. Michele Lupo
  2. Mark Damon
  3. Arrigo Colombo and Giorgio Papi

(ENNIOO) #1012

1.Joseph Egger
2.Michele Lupo
3.Joe D’Amato

(Bill san Antonio) #1013
  1. Henry Fonda
  2. Luciano Rossi
  3. Joe D’amato


1.Claudio Undari aka Robert Hundar
2.Mark Damon
3.Joe D’Amato

(scherpschutter) #1015
  1. Luciano Rossi
  2. Joseph Egger
  3. Mark damon

(Col. Douglas Mortimer) #1016

You have to take Damon out of there and replace with either D’Amato or Papi/Columbo as per this year’s rules.

(Stanton) #1017

He was probably more funny than those 2, and he liked Leone more than those 2.

apart from that:

  1. Fonda the Henry

  2. Claudio the Robert

  3. Joe the Amato (luckily not nominated as director)

(Farmer_J) #1018
  1. Robert Hundar
  2. Joseph Egger
  3. Joe D’Amato

(titoli) #1019
  1. Fonda
  2. Chelo
  3. Joe

(John Welles) #1020

Even if that is true, it’s impossible to deny their historical significance for the genre, which outweighs undoubtedly the contribution of Joe D’Amato.