Swdb logo

(bloodandcarrots45) #1

Does anyone know what movie the SWDB logo is from. It’s the sepia colored image on the upper left hand of each page. 3 guys in trench coats facing one guy.

(Reverend Danite) #2

Welcome Brother Bloodandcarrots. That image is from the iconic opening of Once Upon A Time in the West - Charlie Bronson set against Woody Strode, Al Mulock and Jack Elam …

(Reverend Danite) #3

Actually - this is a bit more problematic … nobody’s holding a rifle at the beginning of this … so is it artistic licence for a poster painting, or is it another film? Seems the Reverend is wrong.
Hmmmm. Not all is as it seems in spaghettiland.

[Edit - nope, it is OUATITW - as seen on the cover of the dvd I’ve got - funny never noticed the discrepency with the rifles before tho’… 'scept for Woody’s sawed off thing. God i wish I’d shut up and finish a cup of coffee before I start posting]

(scherpschutter) #4

It probably combines the opening scene (Harmonica set against …) and the massacre at the McBain ranch (the men in trench coats holding rifles).

(Dillinger) #5

No matter of which secenes the image is composed, it is OUATITW, for it can be seen in every second poster or cover of this flick.

(scherpschutter) #6

Sure, and probably bloodandcarrots45 was just joking

(Dillinger) #7

you never know :wink:

(bloodandcarrots45) #8

No joke. I’ve actually seen the movie before though. The image is in a film guide I have but it’s black and white so I thought the movie I was looking for was B&W.

Anyways THANK YOU!