Swdb logo

Does anyone know what movie the SWDB logo is from. It’s the sepia colored image on the upper left hand of each page. 3 guys in trench coats facing one guy.

Welcome Brother Bloodandcarrots. That image is from the iconic opening of Once Upon A Time in the West - Charlie Bronson set against Woody Strode, Al Mulock and Jack Elam …

Actually - this is a bit more problematic … nobody’s holding a rifle at the beginning of this … so is it artistic licence for a poster painting, or is it another film? Seems the Reverend is wrong.
Hmmmm. Not all is as it seems in spaghettiland.

[Edit - nope, it is OUATITW - as seen on the cover of the dvd I’ve got - funny never noticed the discrepency with the rifles before tho’… 'scept for Woody’s sawed off thing. God i wish I’d shut up and finish a cup of coffee before I start posting]

It probably combines the opening scene (Harmonica set against …) and the massacre at the McBain ranch (the men in trench coats holding rifles).

No matter of which secenes the image is composed, it is OUATITW, for it can be seen in every second poster or cover of this flick.

Sure, and probably bloodandcarrots45 was just joking

you never know :wink:

No joke. I’ve actually seen the movie before though. The image is in a film guide I have but it’s black and white so I thought the movie I was looking for was B&W.

Anyways THANK YOU!