Sukiyaki Western Django (Miike 2007)

I thought this might make some of you excited…see below.

Miike Pulls Six-Guns For "Django"
Posted: Monday November 20th 2006 1:28am
Source: The Hollywood Reporter
Author: Garth Franklin

Japanese director Takashi Miike is making the first “sushi western” entitled “Sukiyaki Western Django” for Sony Pictures says The Hollywood Reporter.

The director has talked close friend of Quentin Tarantino into appearing as a ‘mystery man’ in the $6.8 million English-language movie, a homage to the spaghetti westerns of the 1960’s.

The story follows the clashes between two rival gangs in a 19th century setting that will blend US and Japanese archetypes. Hideaki Itoh, Kaori Momoi, Koji Sato and Yoshino Kimura star.

Filming began this weekend at the Syonai Movie Studio in Yamagata Prefecture, northern Japan. Tarantino is scheduled to visit Japan later this month to film his scenes. The film will get released late 2007.

Can’t wait. Takashi Miike makes some crazy arsed cool films! 8)

Takashi Miike is one of my favorite directors this should be alot of fun.

Here’s the trailer…click the 2nd button at the top to play…

Hah! More Miike madness! Looks awsome!

Well the best part was the Django music. But it is weird to see asian people doing western characters, i mean who would do a samurai film with european or american actors, well besides tom cruise.
And nero playing an half indian. so its maybe okay. So who is this guy and is this real??

Looks class. I’m looking forward to it. :slight_smile:

To be honest i have to admit that j-pop version of ‘django’ theme in the trailer almost made me cringe :wink:

This looks like it will be a wild and crazy good time!!
Funny thing, though…the Japanese used to make their own Westerns way back in the 1950’s and even into the 60’s (and early 70’s).
I have several of them in my collection. like FAST DRAW GUY with my man Shishido Jo, DRIFTING AVENGER with Takakura Ken, etc. The latter film is a “real” Western (set in Texas during the late 1800’s). The former is set in Japan…but, for some reason the village looks like the set of GUNSMOKE and everyone dresses in Western clothes with six guns and the whole works!
So, in a way…SUKIYAKI WESTERN DJANGO is nothing new; but, I am sure as heck looking forward to it!!

I saw it last week, its pretty weird. The japanese actors plays in english (very bad!), the town is a mix of japanese traditional town and western city. The story took place in the Gempei wars between the Minamoto and Taira clans. There is many reference to SW and Tarantino is very funny in his play of old pistolero. I bought a magazine book about the movie with many pictures.

more links

the “Django” song by Bacalov in japanese!

I assembled a few links here at, if one of ya wants to get the DVD, I’d appreciate the use of my links.

When I heard japanese version of “Django” theme for the first time, I was in heaven. Now I think the movie itself is too weird and japanese accent is killing me! Maybe I will like “Sukiyaki” more after rewatch with english subtitles (I didn’t have any!). It’s funny, but the most popular polish website about movies wrote that Quentin is playing the main character (!).

they’ll be in for a surprise then, haha

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the movie eventually becomes too much of a macaroni-pizza-pasta-spaghetti-chambara dish, too much at the same time to be anything in particular.
That sums up the film perfectly. The name Sukiyaki western Django is misleading as the film isn't that much of a Django film nor a western. It looks good but it's too long, boring and confusing. I really love Miike, so far I've liked all of his films but this one was his worst I've seen.

I’m not really a fan, but he certainly is an interesting director

Ichi the killer is not my cup of tea, but Audition was a fascinating film experience

Several of his films I’ve seen (not all 70 +) had brilliant moments, but also slow stretches
Dead or Alive begins and ends magnificently, but in-between it’s a uninspired mess
One Missed call is a great thriller, but it loses focus when you think it’s about to climax (the end is needlessly confusing)

I think Sukiyaki Western Django has its moments, and I liked it better the second time, and not only because Miike cut some dull scenes, it simply works better when you don’t try to make too much sense of the whole thing (which I tried the first time)

[quote=“scherpschutter, post:16, topic:447”]Ichi the killer is not my cup of tea[/quote]That’s one of my favorites, I thought it was a great comedy.

Best I’ve seen so far has been Gozu, very bizarre film.

But like you mentioned, he has made a lots of films (He usually makes something like 4 films a year!), so there’s probably a lot of crap in 'em too.

I thought it was awesome to hear the gunshots used in the old Italian westerns. I wish more modern films would use these sounds.

wow, never took notice of how much Miike used stuff from the original Django…I need to check this movie out

[quote=“Bill san Antonio, post:17, topic:447”]That’s one of my favorites, I thought it was a great comedy.
(Ichi the killer)[/quote]

Me too! Had a lot of fun with that film