Stuff up for trade

Drop me a message if you want to trade something. Looking for spaghetti westerns, gialli and other Italian genre films myself.

Deep Red & Cat O’ Nine Tails (Argento) - Dutch Film Works (2 discs)

Django (Corbucci) - Dutch Film Works (sealed)

Dr. Jekyll´s Mistresses (Franco) - Dutch Film Works

Genius, Two Partners & a Dupe (Damiani) - Bridge Pictures (sealed)

Keoma (Castellari) - Dutch Film Works (sealed)

Ribald Tales of Robin Hood (Dietrich) - Dutch Film Works

A Man Called Noon OST (Bacalov) - Alhambra

J’ai tué Raspoutine OST (Hossein) - Alhambra

Watch Out, We’re Mad (Fondato) - Paradiso

God Forgives… I Don’t! (Colizzi) - Dutch Film Works (sealed)

1 Man Called Noon OST gone, still 1 left
J’ai tue Rasputin OST gone
Django dvd gone

I am giving away my NAVAJO JOE (region 1), Three Musketeers of the West (Region 1) and Goliath Double Feature (Wild East).

When you say you’re giving it away you mean putting it up for trade right? :wink:

What are you looking for in return?

as it stands right now, mostly money :wink: or let’s say monetary (i.e. paypal) compensation for me putting it in a bubble wrap envelope, bringing it to the post office, and mailing it to someone who’s very nice and doesn’t have this movie on DVD yet