Strange subtitles found ;-)

Hi folks, I just watched the Koch version of “Sette dollari sul rosso”.
I do have the box with the 3 movies included.
On SWDB we mentioned :“Includes previously released (identical features):” !! When we talk about the extra features, than it is truth. But about the subtitles, it is not the same. I could only choose between " German language" or “Italian language with German subtitles” ! So, no English subtitles !! As I do live in Belgium, I speak , Dutch, English, French and German, the last two not so good as the first two. So I tried both options. Only German, I lose some understanding as it’s sometimes to fast spoken to understand everything. The other option would be better as when I read the German subtitles, I do understand more to follow the plot. But I was constantly looking to the subtitles, so I missed a lot of the movie itself. I choose the first one :wink: !! Afterwards, I looked all the extras (also great). And I wanted to see one scene again, so I went to the chapter part of the DVD. I choose my chapter, and very strange : now I had the German language with also the German subtitles included. I tried some other chapters and there I got both also. Reading the German subtitles while the people are talking the same language is more easier and goes quicker. So you can change it on the website. I did not tried the other two !! But I will and let you know !! Greetz André

Isn’t this just a case of the subtitles being ‘hidden’ that is you have to choose them via your remote when you’re watching the movie. They will not be selectable from the menu.

Hi , Avatar, I don’t think so !! As I did changed the subtitles while I was looking the movie; And I always had to choose between the 2 options ! I did this 3-4 times ; as I was trying to find out which version I should watch.
Also very strange that in the chapters I got German language and subtitles together !

Strange. Ok. They might have dropped the English subs for the box set version then.