1. A Bullet For The General - A rewatch after about 10 years. Impressive. I like it even more now than back then. 10/10

The Wild East is at least uncut I guess, running for 121 min.

10: ‘Death Walks in Laredo’ (1967) aka, Tre pistole contro Cesare . First time seeing this one … light weight stuff, but moves at a good pace, helped by a terrific soundtrack by Marcello Giombini … lots of whistling and twangy guitars :wink: not very funny, as comedies go … but totally watchable. 6/10

11: ‘The Forgotten Pistolero’ (1969) aka, Il pistolero dell’Ave Maria - Long time since I first watched this … and what a huge disappointment after hearing the fabulous soundtrack music. Most here will remember the classic opening sequence … the rest plays like a Mexican soap opera. Fairly boring 5/10 … only minor interest to me was seeing a few reused costumes from other SWs.
Leonard Mann is wearing that damned unattractive leather cape coat (the 3rd time I’ve seen it in a week) … and later he has Alberto del Acqua’s coat from ‘Texas Adios’ … one of the Mexican baddies is wearing ‘El Indio’s’ brown shirt with red diamond shapes on the collar … well I had to try and make it interesting for myself! :wink:

12:‘The Beast’ (1970) aka, ‘La Belva’
Klaus Kinski becomes involved in a plot to rob a wealthy heiress, and try to rape as many women as possible throughout the film. Pretty entertaining and doesn’t outstay it’s welcome. Lot of re-cycled music, from ‘The Stranger Returns’ by Stelvio Cipriani who is credited as composer, but there’s also Gianni Ferrio’s score from ‘Sentenza di Morte’ used, and no credit given. Overall not bad for a ‘B’ movie, 6/10

Dyslexic sign writer … trasportation !?


I hate that shit. :grin:

Thought you loved ‘shit’ movies !?


Just got done Oscano de un Pistolero (Hands of a Gunfighter)

Another of the more Hollywood influenced examples of the genre, this one going into the realm of a Frontier Drama. Not one of the best, but there was still some stuff to like about it. Craig Hill and Piero Lulli are always good in their style of roles.

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Same, I’ve seen it recently and I must say its story practically feels like the only distinguishing factor in this otherwise fairly lukewarm film.

I think I will soon give this thing a shot, looks very trashy, which is good, the trashier the better.

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I’m probably in the minority here, but I thought Adios Gringo was surprisingly good, like really good.


I wonder what movie gave you that impression? :confused:

  1. Lupo: Arizona Colt
    -Spagvember needs some Gemma and this is one of his better films. Although I think that the real star of the film is Sancho who has some great memorable lines of dialogue here. ”So you see, no-one has to join. But those who don’t, have to die.” That’s like a motto for Spagvemberfest. :smiley: 7/10

11. Four Came to Kill Sartana (1969)


Some interesting stuff here. We have a story (something about kidnappings), a mysterious Mormon only seen from the back (or behind a painting) until 72 min, Sartana is here (Jeff Cameron as a very blond Sartana), also, there are four guys who come to kill Sartana. Unfortunally, as it is an early Fidani, it doesn’t yet have a Lallo Gori score. And a Fidani without a Gori score, is like a Leone without Morricone. By the way, there is something wrong with the link to the films page:!




I watched Apocalypse Joe, for the first time in maybe 45 years. I had experienced it as so bad that I never went back to it. So far. In the past few years I watched dozens of bottom-of-the-barrel stuff, and that apperently had a strange effect on my reception of some second-rate genre entries I found nearly unwatchable back then, when I was relatively new to the genre and compared all spaghettis to the Leones and Corbuccis or the Ringo movies: I almost found it entertaining this time around.

I had not written a review of it yet, so I’m working on it


Hmm, must have been something to do with “…” in the name causing it. I noticed the same problem with films like “…E alla fine lo chiamarono Jerusalem implacabile” and “…E così divennero i tre supermen del West”. @Admin??

Hm. From an unexpected little run of okay(ish, all things considered) pictures, I’m now taking on one of the “comedy” spags - or rather, a mediocre facsimile of another, better “comedy” spag. Yup, it’s Now They Call Him Sacramento (Balcázar, 1972), aka For Copyright Reasons They Definitely Don’t Call Him and His Mate ‘Trinity and Bambino’, Even Though It’s Bloody Obvious What’s Happening Here. Probably.

I’ve got a bad feeling about this one.


Spagvemberfest 2019 - Day 10

The Belle Starr Story (Wertmuller / 1968)


Another unopened Wild East and another film I hadn’t watched for many years. Last time I saw it was on one of those cheapo box sets last.caress is currently labouring through. This time the picture quality was much better. Sadly, that wasn’t nearly enough to overcome the god-awfulness of the film. It’s always clear that this one was cobbled together with unconnected footage but the voiceover narration and flashback heavy nature of it makes the whole thing tedious in the extreme.

Not one I’ll be going back to any time soon. Don’t be tempted last.caress. Life’s too short.


I’ll qoute myself from the film’s thread (2018):

Last night another woman’s take on spaghetti western; The Bell Starr Story . I watched it for the first time in a very bad copy during Spagvemberfest, and last night for the first time in good picture quality. And, ahem…, what a film.

Yup. That was shit.

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Likely, but it used to work before… annoying. Can’t really look into it much right now because I am travelling all month :confused:

Had to pause Spagvember today to help my dad with some stuff around the house. Resuming the challenge tomorrow.

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  1. Forgotten Pistolero - Every spagh deserves a second chance (except for Fat Brothers Of Trinity), sometimes it helps, sometimes it doesn’t. This is the latter case. It certainly suffers from “itcanbedoneamigo” syndrome. The opening scene is great than it slowly transforms into this tedious telenovelish melodrama and picks up some tempo in the end. The final duel is superb, as if Baldi made the effort once again, the sparse gunplay inbetween is mostly directed pretty sloppy for my taste. I prefer other Leonard Mann’s westerns to this: Vengeance Trail and Unholy Four. 5/10