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Ace High[/quote]


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The film or my post?



The film of course. Your post is a work of art!

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Every good film needs a sequel, so Hallelujah went back for more … and less, because as usual, the second was not as good as the first
But honestly, I’ve seen worse sequels in my life:

Btw: I still don’t know if I had seen this movie before, a couple of scenes seem to ring a bell, but I might have seen them on You tube


9.VENGEANCE (1968)

Pretty good western with a solid Richard Harrison. After the great opening and when that impressive title song kicks in, you just know you’re in for a good Spaghetti treat. I just love the way the vengeance factor unfolds with combined gothic horror elements in the mix. IMO, Harrison’s best western.

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Did it have a spanking scene in a stagecoach at the end?

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10. Boot Hill

I watched this one for the first time this summer. Actually, I watched it five nights in a row, so this one was my sixth, and still really a pleasure. The first thirty minutes are, in my humble opinion, among the most stylish filmmaking of the filone. Save for a disastrous saloon fist fight towards the ending, mocking the rest of the film, and a relatively weak ending, it would have been in my top 20 for sure. By the way, does this film have a gayish theme?

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Yes. Quite a bizarre scene, but I remember the John Wayne vehicle McLintock also had a spanking scene. People were more broadminded back then than they are today. A similar would provoke a #MeToo scandal today

Here’s the McLintock scene:

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One of those I watched at the theaters in the early seventies then. That scene is the only thing I remember from the film. Must have made quite an impression! :flushed:


Verdict? :grin:

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Well I’ve seen Django many times of course and I guess I just wasn’t in the mood at all the last time I saw it. I liked it just fine this time around. That said, I haven’t felt any need to hoist it back up my own spag 20 following this latest viewing. Django is one of those movies which hit like a sledgehammer when you first see it (leastways, when Django first opens that box), but I think it was - for me - a top 5 spag for the longest time purely off of that initial response as opposed to looking at the movie a little more objectively. Well, that, plus the fact that for many years the only spags I’d seen were the Dollars trilogy, OUaTitW and Django. Yes, that may have been a contributing factor. :slight_smile:

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Now, I only watched today’s pick - Django Kill… If You Live, Shoot (Questi, 1967) - a few weeks ago; tbh, I wasn’t going to include it in SpagvemberFest as a result. And then I thought: Eff that, right up the eff-hole. Any excuse to watch Django Kill is more than welcome here at casa.caress, so it’s in. Now, where’s my all-black cowboy outfit?

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11. Boot Hill

Watched it one more time.

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*11. Brescia: Day of Violence
-Koch Media marathon continued with this ok Peter Lee Lawrence flick. Very average film in every aspect. 5/10

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12. L’ultimo killer

My favorite Anthony Ghidra holds its ground in my alternative 20, it seems (7/10). Also my favorite Giuseppe Vari, but I haven’t seen Poker with Pistols. It’s om my list.

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13. Poker With Pistols

Now I have. I think I’ll go with those who think it’s forgettable.Good part for George Eastman though. For me third in a row with him, and he will be in my next one.


10. To the Last Drops of Blood (1968)

Not one of Graig Hill’s better Westerns, but it’s a watchable one nevertheless even with the recycled footage in tow. I liked the pairing of Hill and Ettore Manni in this, it made for a good turn out with plenty action, and the ending was just dandy IMO.


Bizarre spagh, but it’s a good one. Lang Jeffries with a leopard poncho is quite alright in this, it’s a decent production with a good story that packs a good amount of action to satisfy fans of the genre and Fernando Sancho as a baddie does what he does best, “overacts” but that’s ok, we’re all used to it.

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I bloody love this film.

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*12. Savona: Killer Kid
-I remembered liking this one but found it now kinda dull, lacking the spirit needed for revolution films. At least there’s Sancho ans Steffen doing his roll and shoots. 5/10

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Dead Men Don’t Count (R.R. Marchant / 1968)

Dive and Shoot = 1
Roll and Shoot = 0
Slow Eye Reveal = 0

Low on roll and shoots but high on charm this is a strange mix of light hearted buddy pic and nasty violent spagh which somehow works pretty well. Another one that I remembered practically nothing about but enjoyed quite a lot.