“No one gives two fucks for Bela’” … was a funny line, but the movie on a recent 2nd viewing doesn’t amount to much. Better off watching the real thing.
Also, Johnny Depp was awful in it … but that’s just MHO

Back to the Spaghetti … nothing to see here. :slight_smile:

Done with Garringo and on to the next. I felt I needed a pick me up after that one so I opted for The Hills Run Red as my next festival entry.



  1. Dead Aim

I wanted to see this for quite some time, but I decided to wait for a better print since the only one available everywhere is blurry 4:3 tv or vhs rip.
Then I realized that movie restorators are probably busy with Lattanzi’s westerns making them all shiny like that is what we really need. Jeez, why the f@#$ are his westerns available in super duper quality and not rather this? Or Dead For A Dollar?

Anyway, on you tube there are several uploads of Dead Aim, I found the one which is stretched to be the best - I downloaded it and distretched it to 4:3 in a player.

This semi-spagh feels pretty acidic, something like Monte Hellman would made, but little better. I would love to see 16:9 version, you can tell lot of good stuff is missing on sides. 7/10


Never! :astonished:

Not all of you. :slightly_smiling_face:

To mix things up a bit, I’ll toss in a BluRay of SEVEN FROM TEXAS among all those partipating in the Fest (as per announcement The What? Why? and How? of SpagvemberFest! ). Because international shipping sucks, this goes for those with a European mailing address only, but I have another copy which I am gonna try to put up for a raffle sometime in the near future for everyone, no worries.


Today I have watched this Ramon il messicano, a average revenge flick with a decent villain but a low grade hero. I wonder why they use the Ramon and Baxter names on the main characters :sweat_smile:


So far I watched
1-the last killer
2-night of the serpent
3-heads or tails
4-a reason to live, a reason to die
All really enjoyable films and they were all first time watches for me, really looking forward to continuing the fest!



Day 4

Charge! (Rosati / 1973)


Another day, another Garko.
And another one where he is not actually the lead although you wouldn’t know it from the posters and such. Stephen Boyd’s character is really the central figure here but Garko’s is more interesting.

For a 1973 Spag it isn’t too bad but the obligatory fist fight is tedious and the hair-brained revolutionary bandit leader seems out of place. Seems that by 73 the Italians found it really hard not to add comic elements to their westerns. Compared to Bad Man’s River though it was an easy watch.


Spanish poster is probably the only one that focus on Boyd’s.

I won’t be watching a movie per day, nor I would be watching solely SWs. But I will try to watch as many westerns as I can in November and I will watch and rewatch couple of spaghettis. So hopefully you won’t mind me posting in this thread :slight_smile:

I’ve started with the one I haven’t seen before, Tinto Brass’s Yankee. It was not bad.

More on that over here: Yankee (Tinto Brass, 1966)

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Day 5: Ace High

Not perfect and possibly a bit too long but a whole lot of fun and the payoff at the end is worth the wait. My favourite so far.

Ace High


Dammit! Because of all the trouble and turmoil since Sunday – terrorist attack in Vienna, Covid-19 infections among my friends, US presidential election – I’m already four days behind schedule. But tonight I’ll finally be able to watch my first SpagvemberFest film.


Day 5 is a classic I’ve always wanted to see as I’ve heard many good things here,

Film&Clips seems to be using a VHS style copy, but the quality is quite good both in picture and audio. Definitely a 4 out of 5 for me, and one of Anthony Steffen’s better performances along with Mille Dollari sul Nero and Garringo.



Going with one of the “funny” ones today. Paving the way for the likes of They Call Me Trinity and Life is Tough Eh, Providence? comes the hilarious A Fistful of Dollars (Leone, 1964) starring the laugh-a-minute Clint Eastwood as the slapstick ass-rider of no fixed abode with his classic comedy catchphrase: “I don’t think it’s nice, you laughin’.” Brilliant. :grinning:

Won’t be watching this one until late tonight for one reason or another but it’s still not proving particularly problematic watching the same film. I honestly thought it would be a lot harder than this, even this early.




Day 5

Sartana Kills Them All (Marchent / 1970)


Guglielmo Spoletini’s only starring role and he makes a pretty good job of it as the Tuco to Garko’s …well…Sartana I suppose although there’s no resemblance to the man in black here. Just the name for the sake of the producer’s dinero.

This isn’t a great film but it is very watchable nonetheless and has some good moments. Sadly, the ending is a bit half-arsed but there’s plenty to enjoy. The old confederate’s family of sons is a nice interlude if a bit too Hellbenderish and the whole thing is packed with all the familiar Spanish “faces” you could wish for. Particularly nice to see good old Lorenzo Robledo turning up and throwing himself at some bullets.

All in all though the story was far too easy to follow so tomorrow I think I’ll start a proper Sartana marathon for the weekend and enjoy some confusion.

  1. Vengeance aka Joko Invoca Dio…

After few shitous days I decided to go with a sure bet and that would be a rewatch of this revenge flick starring Richard Harrison since I remember liking it a lot.
Hell, I even lifted my lazy ass and instead of comfortly watching some shit on youtube I went into my archives - which is in another room!

To my bewilderment I’m not sure why I liked it that much before, because I barely sat through it this time. Some wild camera angles and cool oneliners spice it up a little here and there, but the scenes I liked before just seemed kind of dumb to me now and prolonged finale in caves with lotsa shouting and shooting didn’t help either. 5/10 at best.

  1. Girolami: Magnificent Brutes of the West
    -As usual I’m trying to include some films I’ve not seen previously for my spagvember. With my total of 500+ sw’s seen this is the hard part of the fest but at least there’s a hope for -if not for hidden gem- hidden fool’s gold. Heck, I even saw decent Franco & Ciccio film last year (Two Sons of Trinity). Alas, this is not the case with my today’s pick Magnificent Brutes of the West. Well, actually it wasn’t today’s pick, I tried to watch this several days until I got till the end, 10 minutes a day was already enough torture. So, apparently I Brutos was a Italian musical comedy team who had a funny act of playing retarded people and as it was basically mandatory for groups like this do comedy western in early sixties we were granted this masterpiece of shite. Easily one of the worst sw’s Ive seen. 1/10

Now, maybe something watchable next like Six Bounty Killers for a Massacre…


Today, I’ve seen Garrone’s If You Want to Live… Shoot! (1968) and it’s either Garrone’s weakest movie or his second worst right after Kill Django… Kill First (1970). Actually, I think I like the latter better, since it has at least those weird, cool looking scenes with George Wang flipping out in that cheap ass studio cavern, If You Want to Live… Shoot! is just plain boring and super mediocre. Moving on to El Macho (1977), looks kind of cool.