What could you possibly mean !? :wink: No one has any excuses this year for lack of material, as You tube has tons of this stuff these days. Definitely enough shite for an entire month.

Well, there is the new Lattanzi on youtube and I don’t think you’ve seen all Creas yet, so I suggest you get on it. One Crea a day keeps the flu away. Or so they say.

But you know, You tube was made to stream spaghettis, so, no surprise there. We are good to go. :+1:

I think I came across that shit, immediately recognized the hypertedious style I remembered from Executioner of God.

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Well, there is also uncle Batzella, I don’t know if you’ve seen any spags from him. I’ve seen his Anche per Django le carogne hanno un prezzo and planning on seeing Quelle sporche anime dannate, really looking forward to it.

Only a few days to go before descending once again into this month long orgy of fake cacti, wolf howls on loop and a lot of seemingly pointless riding backwards and forwards through sand pits.
I can’t wait!

Struggling to come up with a theme for this year so it might need to be a few unconnected ideas threaded together. I’m thinking of watching all of Gianni Garko’s westerns for a starter. That should see me through the first half near enough. Then maybe just work my way through all the as yet unwatched purchases from the past year. I bought a couple of second hand Macaroni Western box sets which will give a bit of variety if nothing else.

One thing is for certain. Working from home is going to make this year’s Spagvemberfest a lot easier to fit in. :smiley:



I’ve already started my Spagvemberfest with a prelude in the form of Spagtoberfest of sorts. I’m not sure whether I will be able to watch a spag every single day of the upcoming month which is why I’ve already seen a bunch of spags (about 30) to make amends for this, should be enough. I will dedicate this year’s Spagvemberfest to various bits and bobs I’ve avoided or forgotten about throughout the years. I’ve already seen Lattenzi’s Sei bounty killers per una strage, so it’s all gonna be downhill from here.

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My main theme is to kill my “to watch” pile on the shelf, which consists of a mix of BluRays I bought or review copies I received, some of which are movies I haven’t seen before.
A secondary theme of mine will be Eurowesterns: I have a few Krautwesterns to watch and I am gonna try and see a few Karl May flicks to write an article about them and how they compare to how I percieved them back when I was a kid.


I’ve got a couple DVDs coming in the mail I’m excited to break in on Spagvember Fest, and I’ll be checking out a couple of SWs on the YouTube channel Films&Clips.There were a few items from Japan I wanted to pick up, but with not having had my summer job thanks to COVID and the Christmas gifts I’m planning for relatives, I’ve had to really think about what to get. The only remaining question is which SWs on the shelves do I revisit.

I’ve made my list now for this years fest, no particular theme really. Some that I’ll finally take off from my to-watch list and some revisits for the fun of it.

1.His Name Was King
2.Dynamite Jim
3.Sartana Kills Them All
4.Killer Calibre 32
6.God Made Them… I Kill Them
7.The Beast
8.In The Dust of the Sun
9.The Ruthless Four
10.And the Crows Will Dig Your Grave
11.Gunman Of One Hundred Crosses
12…And Now Make Peace With God
13.Black Killer
14.Wanted Johnny Texas
15.God Is My Colt
16.The Devil Was an Angel
17.Clumsy Hands
18.Terrible Day of the Big Gundown
19.Adios, Hombre
20.Roy Colt and Winchester Jack

I’ll start with these, hopefully I will make it :sweat_smile: Who knows, this might be my new top 20 by the time we reach December :thinking:


Are we all ready, gentlemen? I don’t think I am. I mean, I know what I intend to do this year, I’m just not sure I’m ready for it. Ah well, I guess we’ll find out soon enough.

You’ll be ready when the time comes. Just let go… let the spaghvember take over


I’m ready as I’ll ever be.

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I’m also ready, extremely ready. Vienna will be in lockdown from next Tuesday until the end of November, curfew between 8 p.m. and 6 a.m. :mask: :cowboy_hat_face:


It’s here! Fill your hands, you sons of bitches!

Don’t ever tell anyone to do something you wouldn’t be prepared to do yourself, eh? Yep, this year, I’m going to follow my own throwaway advice and watch the same spaghetti western, thirty times, once per day throughout the not-so-merry month of November and, as the poster above suggests, the spaghetti of choice for this particular gauntlet will be A Fistful of Dollars (Leone, 1964). It ticks all the right boxes for the challenge. At ~100 minutes, it’s not too long. It’s quality enough to (possibly) withstand many, many viewings. But, if it can’t, and I end Spagvember vowing never yo watch the accursed A Fistful of Dollars ever again, well, it’s far enough down my own personal list of favourites that I won’t have lost too much. It’s quite the balancing act picking the right spag for the gig, but we’re here now and I’m either going to enjoy the challenge or go (even more) f#cking insane in the attempt.

My mule… he just doesn’t get it.

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  1. Cervi: Today We Kill, Tomorrow We Die
    -I started my spagvemberfest with the recent Scandinavian blu-ray release of Today We Kill… It’s a ok film but never been a favorite of mine. It has a great cast but some of the actors are underused, Berger especially. 7/10
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Kicking it off with… THE SEVEN FROM TEXAS (Marchent). Pretty straightforward, great cast and entertaining. The Dorado BluRay looks alright.

Edit, here is the review:


Can someone write a little blog post in the blog category about the history, origins and the “how to start with” Spaghvemberfest? Some little intro that we can share around also on social media :slight_smile:

I’ll do it if you like Boss but it’ll be MUCH later tonight. Like, middle-of-the-night later.

If anyone else wants to do it in the meantime, that’s all good too. :+1:

Okay, here we go.


And I’m kicking off my SpagvemberFest with the Sergio Leone classic A Fistful of Dollars (1964), in which our anti-hero protagonist and indeed everybody else in the movie tries - and fails - to pretend not to be in an unabashed reworking of Akira Kurosawa’s Yojimbo from three years previous. One Damned Day at Dawn, Sergio Rips Off Akira! That’s a pretty snappy title for a spag, eh?