Spaghettis by Ferdinando Baldi

Baldi has got to be regarded as one of the most important directors of this genre.

His work include Texas Addio, Little Rita nel West, Viva Django, Forgotten Pistolero, Blindman among others.

He was very prolific and was involved in some of the more unique contributions to the SW genre.

What are your favourites spaghetti westerns by Ferdinando Baldi?

I wouldn’t label Baldi as important, he was more a run of the mill director who has made one astonishing good SW.

His early films are mixed affairs with some good moments but also with amateurish directed scenes. The whole beginning of Texas addios is extremely stupid, and like Prepare Your Coffin and Hate Your Neighbor (good title), it could be much better. These 3 movies suffer from their not so imaginative directing.

But soon after he made with The Forgotten Pistolero a well handled SW and then together with Tony Anthony the surprisingly good Blindman, which looks in parts like a Corbucci.

They made together 2 more Spaghettis which were showing the decline of the genre. Get Mean is as idiotic as the story sounds, while Comin’ at Ya, despite retaining some of the Blindman qualities, has too much stupid 3-D effects and also some weird, not working ideas like attacking bats.

Apart from Blindman and Forgotten Pistolero I would say that Baldi is mostly a routine director.

Oh, and he has absolutely no talent for musicals.

Blindman (the uncut version) is probably the best film I have seen of Baldi.

From what I have seen of his work he is not bad, but not on the same level as Corbucci.

I watched a recent interview with the director, and he must be quite old now, as he looked like an extra from NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD.

Hehe, I think Little Rita is a very funny and enjoyable film, but not a “good” film perhaps :wink:

That’s true, but like Corbucci he did some really unusual spaghettis, and I think he should be aknowledged for this!

I haven’t seen all his SWs but I like both Little Rita, Forgotten Pistolero, and Blindman.

All of them well above average SW material :slight_smile:

It’s possible that there exists a 21 min longer italian version of The Forgotten Pistolero according to the Bruckner book.
The german and japanese DVDs are indicated as uncut, but the film makes a cut impression to me.

Any of the italian members here, who know a longer version?

I have the soundtracks to Blindman, Viva Django and Forgotten Pistolero so I guess I could say I like the music in Baldi films.

Interesting that all these films are different composers, where as other directors used the same composer alot of the times.

I’ve only seen Texas Addio and Rita of the West so far and, although I wouldn’t call Baldi an important director, I do think he was a good and entertaining director. I know, I know, I haven’t seen Blindman yet. I need to get that one…


Forgotten Pistolero and Blindman are really good, go and get them :wink:

… and go get the newest Wild East double feature and see Baldi’s Hate Thy Neighbor. A fine movie.

You know, I almost ordered that disc last night…


[quote=“flynnparadox, post:10, topic:521”]You know, I almost ordered that disc last night…


What put you off at the time then?

Money issues. I ordered a few spaghettis last night…

I see!.

Well as long as you are ordering Spaghetti Western DVD’s that is the main thing!

[quote=“ENNIOO, post:13, topic:521”]I see!.

Well as long as you are ordering Spaghetti Western DVD’s that is the main thing![/quote]

My thinking exactly!