Spaghetti westerns on VHS

If anyone has any spaghetti westerns on VHS that they don’t mind parting with, I’m happy to buy them or trade for DVD-rs as long as they play in English.

Well have you been checkin thrift stores swap meets and yardsales?

Yeah. The second hand shops never seem to have anything interesting here. A lot of them also refuse VHS tapes since they think they won’t sell. :frowning: The guys I used to buy from at the market told me they don’t bother with VHS anymore. It’s becoming harder to find them. When I do find them, they’re usually mainstream films.

May I ask why you happen to fancy the vhs format?

They’re vintage and nostalgic. They’re not always on DVD, either, and I usually prefer the original artwork on tapes to DVDs.

Very hard to find spaghetti on vhs. EBay is an option.

I have a lot of VHS Spaghettis, but most of them are Spanish tapes, but rare. I also have some eurocrime. If you’re interested, I can put up a list of them once I get home from work.

That’d be great. Cheers! :slight_smile:

Great! I’ll get a list sorted out. Here’s a few I can remember for now:

Bullet For Sandoval (Spanish tape) in English
Blazing Magnum (Greek VHS) English
Angel’s Leap (Great French crime film) (Greek VHS) in French with Greek subs
The Left Hand of The Law (Spanish vhs) in Spanish
The Great Treasure Hunt (Spanish) vhs in Spanish
Crime Busters ( Dutch VHS) in English
Probability Zero ( German VHS) in German
Challenge for The Mackennas (Spanish VHS) in Spanish
Convoy Busters ( Ultra rare Aussie release starring “Maurice Merli ;)”) in English
Mafia Killer (Greek VHS) in English

I’ll post some more up later ;).

I’ll post some tapes that can go in a few days. Right now I’m on holiday. I have English friendly tapes from Greece, Holland and the U.K.

I have around 1200 spaghetti western tapes in my collection, more as half can go away. led me know what you are looking for.
this is my email: tombeterams (at)

If someone is interested in this VHS please let me know (PM) :slight_smile: