Spaghetti Western Screenings at the NFT London

Here’s a great opportunity for UK based fans to see a couple of Spaghetti classics on the big screen.
Django Kill and The Great Silence are both being screened at the National Film Theatre on London’s Southbank this month.
Dates and times as follows:

Django Kill
Mon 15 Oct 18.20pm NFT2
Wed 17 Oct 20.30pm NFT2

The Great Silence
Thu 11 Oct 18.00pm NFT1
Sun 14 Oct 20.30pm NFT3

Tickets are £7.60 (BFI members) or £8.60 (non members)
You can book online at: or by phone on 0207 928 3232

For those of you who have never been to the National Film Theatre before, it is situated next to the National Theatre underneath Waterloo Bridge and has 3 cinemas. (NFT1, 2 and 3) NFT1 is the biggest, seating about 450 people, NFT2 holds about 150 and NFT3 around 135.

According to the programme both films are in English language versions and running times are: Django Kill (112mins) The Great Silence (106 mins).

I take it you are going Phil ?

You can count on it mate ;D
I wouldn’t miss these for the world. I’ve even convinced the wife to join me for the Great Silence. She’s opted out of Django Kill for some reason. Can’t imagine why.

Damn, it’s great to live in Amsterdam but sometimes I feel sad… Especially when it’s concerning film…

Attended the screening of The Great Silence here last night. Excellent as always and particularly good to see it in a cinema. To be honest though the print could have been better (a bit patchy in places).
Having said that, the wins outweighed the losses. Kinski’s mad eyes on a big screen were fabulous and the final scene was, I think, accentuated in its tragedy. Trintignant was almost christ like at the end, and I hadn’t really seen that in the scene before.
Great stuff anyway.
For those in the London area, Django Kill is on tonight and wednesday. Get there if you can.

Saw Django Kill at the NFT last night. Good print this time, English dub with the gory scenes in Italian.
Obviously I’ve seen it before but it was good to see it in a cinema for the first time.

I like this film but man, it is a weird and whacky ride.

I just wanna know, how was the turnout for those shows? Was it a packed house?

Must’ve been a great experience.

I wish I can watch SW"s in a movie theatre…

[quote=“mrchallenge, post:7, topic:730”]I just wanna know, how was the turnout for those shows? Was it a packed house?

Must’ve been a great experience.

I wish I can watch SW"s in a movie theatre…[/quote]

No packed houses I’m afraid. Both screenings I went to were about half full at best. But not surprising really, they had no real promotion. i only found out about them by chance. Well worth attending both though. I hope they put more on soon.

Damn, how did i miss this thread, i could have got there in 45 minutes.

Oh Man, I’m sorry Yodlaf. I figured you must have seen it and couldn’t go for some reason. If I see any more screenings advertised in the London area I’ll email you direct.

thankyou very much

For anyone in the London area the BFI Southbank are having a Sergio Leone season in April with screenings of all his films plus, of course, an introductory lecture from Sir Christopher Frayling. A good chance to see these great films in a cinema.

Details on their website here:

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I’m certainly not in the London area, but I’d love to go.

Never been to London so cannot break that tradition :grinning:

Wow - looks like DYS is going to be in 35mm as well. I wonder what the print will be like - will it have the correct audio…??

Well there’s a pint or two waiting for you here if you ever change your mind mate. :slight_smile:

I’m nowhere near London but I’d love to go. Saving up for a couple of holidays though so I wouldn’t be able to. Hopefully one day I’ll be able to go to an event like that.

Cheers Phil :grinning: