Spaghetti Western Ghost Towns

Another of the many little aspects of the genre I really like are ghost towns. They give great atmosphere to spaghetti westerns. Matalo! has a very good one. Comi at Ya has several good ones. What are some more?

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There’s one in Clumsy Hands…which is occupied actually but everyone there is disease ridden. Makes for an interesting dispatch of some of the villains…

Off the top of my head, the towns from Django and The Dirty Outlaws…

In “California” there are some great scenes with a ghost town. Many SW Heros are leaving a Ghost Town behind them.

A great one is the one which the picture you inserted comes from namely “Cemetary without crosses”

My favourite, without doubt.

Others I can think of are - And God Said to Cain, No Room to Die, Vengeance is Mine, $10,000 Blood Money, Four of the Apocalypse.

Although it’s not a top-film for me, the ghost town in Cemetary without crosses is the creepiest i’ve seen so far.

The final of ‘Per 100.000 dollari t’ammazzo’ plays in a famous ghost town,scary and fascinating.

Was the town in Cemetery used in any other SW’s?

A question often asked. I’d love to know the answer too.

The ghost town was build in the dunes by Cabo De Gata in south spain and two years before ‘Cemetery’ Eastwood and Wallach cross the desert in GBU
at the same place.
Whats then happened with it,i dont know,too

Agree. That scene puts that movie over the top for me. Love the atmosphere.