Spaghetti Western fandubs

Does anyone have any of the following fandubs available for trade?

3 Silver Dollars (german dvd) audio dub. english ® PAL
32 Caliber Killer (jerksi) german dvd audio dub english ® NTSC
Beast,The (La Belva)italian dvd audio dub english/italian ® PAL
Black Eagle of Santa Fe (from german dvd) german dvd audio dub english/ german ® PAL?
Black Jack (from dvd) (fullscreen) german dvd audio dub. german & english audio ® PAL
Blood Brothers (blutsbrüder) (from dvd) german audio PAL
Born to Kill (from dvd) audio dub italian dvd english/ italian audio PAL
Bury Them Deep (french dvd) audio dub english ® PAL
Cormack Of The Mounties(Red Coat)(from dvd)italian dvd audio dub.english
Cry Onion(Cipolla Colt) (from italian dvd) audio dub english/italian 84 min.®PAL
Death Rides Along (Con Lui Cavalca La Morte)(from dvd) german audio PAL
Deguello (Fullscreen) (from dvd) italian & english audio ® ‘mark on the corner CHV‘ PAL
Djurado(Jim Golden Poker) (from broadcast) italian audio with removeable english sub. 16x9 ‘VGQ’ ®PAL
Drummer of Vengeance (from french dvd)english audio dub. ® PAL
Durango Is Coming, Pay or Die (SNC dvd) italian/french audio with removeable english/french sub. 16X9 ® PAL
El Cisco (german dvd) audio dub. english(jerksi)® NTSC
Gatling Gun(Machine Gun Killers)(Dorado Films) english/italian ‘uncut’ NTSC
God Will Forgive My Pistol (from dvd) german dvd audio dub english/german ® PAL
Gun Shy Piluk(Le Justicier Du Sud)(french dvd)audio dub english/french ®
Heroes of Fort Worth(El Septimo De Caballeri)(from dvd) spanish audio PAL
His Name Was King (from dvd) english/italian audio ‘VGQ’® PAL
His Name Was Holy Ghost (from italian dvd) english/italian audio PAL
It Can Be Done Amigo! (german dvd) german dvd audio dub english cut ®PAL
Kidnapping (20.000 dollari sporchi di sangue)(dvd) italian audio with removeable english/italian sub. 16X9 ®PAL
Last Gun,The (Dorado dvd) NTSC
Law Of Violence (french dvd) audio dub. english) ®PAL
Legend Of Frenchie King,The (from german dvd) audio dub english/german ® PAL
Man Who Killed Billy The Kid, The(jerksi)(UNCUT&true aspect ratio)® NTSC
My Horse, My Gun, Your Widow (from dvd) italian dvd audio dub english & italian ® PAL
Name That Cried Revenge,A (german dvd)audio dub. english ® PAL
O’Cangeceiro (wildside dvd) italian/french audio with removeable english/french sub ® PAL
Quintana (from german dvd) audio dub. english ® PAL
Rattler Kid (from dvd) german dvd audio dub english ® PAL
Return of White Fang,The (franco cleef) ® NTSC

Please PM or email.


If Black Jack is from the German DVD, forget it. It is cut, and there are better English VHS versions available in similar or even better picture quality.

Yep from the German disc.

Thanks for your replies guys, do you happen to have any of the titles on my wanted list?