Spaghetti Western drunks?

[quote=“Silence, post:20, topic:2179”]Found that scene very unrealistic (even by SW standards ;)). You would at least faint completely and certainly not be able to shoot after several bottles of whiskey if you get drunk by one glass![/quote]kids! they have to take everything realistically! lol!

Cider or real ale, Silence - ocassionally wine. No spirits tho’ - I’m not a hard drinker like Brother Pacificador ;). And I’m a drinker - not a drunk! ;D

There were a coupla drunks in Garrone’s If You Want To Live … Shoot - a bastard beer drinking sheriff for one, and a comedy drunk - but not enough made of him unfortunately.


Just watching “Arizona Colt”. There is the old drunkard called “Whiskey”.

Doc Simmi

Funny mimic art from Camardiel,when he drank two bottles at once
They called him Double Whiskey

Yes. Causes James Stewart a great deal of pain. He was never as effective in his few SW roles.

[quote=“LankyFellow, post:24, topic:2179”]Funny mimic art from Camardiel,when he drank two bottles at once
They called him Double Whiskey[/quote]

I hate this Double Whiskey character, especially in the sequel.

I always crack up with laughter when Martinos flic is denoted as a sequel of Arizona Colt

Well, it doesn’t proof to be a worthy sequel, but it is one.

Eduardo Fajardo plays the drunkard sidekick in Ringo - Face of Revenge. Goaded by Frank Wolff’s evil character, he gets drunk and finds it hard to cotrol his libido, which leads to a sticky end for him - not the one he wanted either :o.

The mexican in They call me Trinity. :slight_smile:

Always laughed when he was on screen :D!

Ida Galli addicted to alcohol in Il suo nome gridava vendetta/A Name That Cried Revenge, very interesting character.

The best drunk ever is “Robeto Camardiel”. 2 bottles Whiskey in
Arizona Colt returns

Woody Strode in Keoma.

the elderly couple in Death Rides A Horse

Not sure if it has been mentioned, but Lee Van Cleef in El Condor.

Shorty, in TGTBATU, a few minutes after Angel Eyes flipped him the gold coin.