Spaghetti Fan Commentaries

So me and @aldo have been discussing a bit about the idea of creating commentary tracks for spaghettis. Since many fans have a lot of knowledge and/or opinions about all the different spags, this could maybe be an interesting project.

Of course this can be a time consuming thing to do for any one of us, in addition to having trouble talking about a film for its entire duration, so I was thinking it is something that could be done in chunks instead of all in one sitting. Additionally, several people could participate in contributing chunks for a selected film.

It may be easier to find things to say about some films than for others. And maybe we could even do a sort of compilation where the video is highlight clips from many different SWs with commentary on each scene.

Perhaps a youtube channel could be created featuring the commentaries, depending on the specific film and source of course. If there’s an issue with copyright, the audio track could always be present with just a thumbnail graphic and leave it to the viewer to play the audio over top the movie. Or could make the audio tracks available as mp3 downloads or whatever.

All just an idea up for consideration, and I’ll be the first to say that I have limited time to take on these kinds of projects right now, but putting it out there to see if it may go anywhere.


Great idea, which has the potential to broaden fan participation - I’m up for it :+1::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

If anyone happens to have any connections to the actual actors or people involved in the films, who knows, maybe we could even arrange some kind of participation from them?

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Better act quickly then, as they’re dropping like flies … Let me ponder this one, I may have a few ideas :thinking:

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I brought up the concept of YouTube/podcast SWDB movie commentaries years ago (as part of a broader YouTube channel presence: vodcast reviews, interviews etc.). Didn’t gain much traction at the time but a good idea’s a good idea.

If you’re cocerned with the scarcity of surviving spag stars to interview or to perform as guest commentators, well, there are still plenty of as-yet-unidentified extras dotted about the genre. Couldn’t we just… you know, pretend to be one of those? :slightly_smiling_face:

Well, alright, maybe a bad idea’s a bad idea too. But still: Video podcast YouTube channel, with commentaries, reviews, interviews, competitions, comedy sketches, naked wrestling (between various forum members)… Seems rude NOT to!

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First film up for commentary: Captain Apache :ok_hand:

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I have a few contacts who aren’t quite ready to croak … so it can be done legit , if they’re up for it. :wink:

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Would be pretty great, could be about anything related to the film and those involved with it regarding their experiences. Wouldn’t have to be about what’s on screen specifically. Some of the best commentaries are general talk about what was happening on set or interactions between crew

Also if they weren’t able to record themselves speaking, we could just get a written response and read it ourselves

Carroll Baker owes me a favour … kidding! :face_with_monocle:

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As far as a podcast and whatnot goes… I dont necessarily think its a bad idea, but the idea of a podcast requires a regular commitment with scheduled releases each week or however long - something I personally am not really interested in. Like I said previously, I don’t have that kind of time right now for something I won’t be paid anything for…

But for just one off commentaries, interviews or whatever, that is something that can be done at leisure and whenever

Its important when starting a project such as this to not get too carried away with ideas because it will probably peter out if its too large for the resources at hand.

That said, if any members want to do something like a podcast, by all means go for it!

I was thinking that if anyone has any particular scenes in mind which they feel they would like to add some kind of commentary to - maybe you know a lot about these scenes or something, then we could start compiling a list or you could go ahead and get started… then we could either do the entire film, or like said previously, compile several clips into one video, rather than doing a single film from start to finish. Its all very flexible based on what contributors would feel like adding

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I look forward to hearing all kinds of accents from different contributors - I myself have a rich Irish baritone and a dialect which may require subtitles for some listeners :sweat_smile:


I love commentaries and would give a chance for any commentary associated with any members of this site.

I do like it when people point out the different sets and locations as I often fail to notice them unless they are screamingly obvious like the bank from For a Few Dollars More.

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