Spaghetti actors in non-western roles

I was thinking about this recently and wanted to know what non-western roles you like seeing your favorite actors in. Let’s keep this to those who worked more than one spaghetti (no John Phillip Law’s or Tony Musante’s). Definitely mention the supporting actors as well like Luigi Pistilli and Frank Braña.

here’s my list so far

Lee Van Cleef in Escape from New York
Franco Nero in Street Law (I need to see more of his non-western work)
Gianni Garko in Five For Hell
Richard Harrison in Churchill’s Leopards
Giuliano Gemma in Tenebre
Klaus Kinski in Salt in the Wound
Clint Eastwood in Dirty Harry
Frank Braña and Fernando Sancho in Return of the Evil Dead
Gian Maria Volonté in Ogro
Luigi Pistilli in Bay Of Blood

Some of the performances from Spaghetti actors that haven’t already been mentioned that I’ve seen are:
Gianni Garko: The Psychic, Night of the Devils, episode of Space 1999 Dragon’s Domain (where he speaks english)
Anthony Steffen in Crimes of the Black Cat, The Night Evelyn Came out of the Grave
Franco Nero: High Crime, Die Hard 2
George Hilton: All the colors of the dark
Tomas Milian: Don’t Torture a Duckling
William Berger: Five Dolls for an August Moon, Hercules
Bud Spencer: Four flies on grey velvet
Eduardo Fajardo: Lisa and the Devil
Tony Kendall: Whip and the body, The Lorely’s Grasp, Return of the Evil Dead
Piero Lulli: Kill Baby Kill
Eli Wallach: The Holiday
Raf Baldassare: hercules in the Haunted World, Hercules
Mark Damon: Black Sabbath, The Pit and the Pendulum
George Eastman: Rabid Dogs
Horst Frank: Cat O Nine Tails
Adolfo Celi: Danger Diabolik
Luis Induni: The Lorely’s Grasp
José Manuel Martín: Curse of the Devil
Jack Palance: City Slickers, Requiem for a heavyweight
Ivan Rassimov: Planet of the Vampires, All the colors of the dark, Shock
Franco Ressel: Blood and Black Lace, the girl who knew too much
Enrico Maria Salerno: Bird with the crystal plummage
John Steiner: Tenebre
Fabio Testi: Revolver

Not Sure but I think Celi only made one SW Yankee.
There’s a diference between actors with more versatile careers, (althought best known for the Sw roles like Volonte for instance) and others that made mostly SW.

Fernando Sancho - Lawrence of Arabia

Aldo Sambrell - Last Chance

Really? Now I didn’t know he was in it. Which character did he play?

the Mexican bandit of course :smiley: not sure I have not seen the whole movie.

A Turkish Sergeant John, he’s uncredit BTW (In the scene they capture Lawrence if I’m not mistaken), just a fait divers really.

Sancho can even be seen in Nicholas Ray’s 55 Days at Peking as a European ambassador complete with slicked back hair, nice suit, and oriental fan. No lines though.

Mario Brega in Once Upon a Time in America, Terence Hill in The Leopard.

Klaus Kinski in Doctor Zhivago.

Ah right, I know the scene you mean. I’ll have to look out for him next time I watch it.

Maybe we shouldn’t count other Euro Cult films, there’d be too many then.

I think we shouldn’t count non-credited small roles.

Peter Lee Lawrence - Black Beauty
I saw this one in TV, PLL entered in other non SW productions to the end of his life, but I think this British film it’s the one best known