Soundtrack CDs with Missing Themes

Those of us who grew up with spaghetti western soundtracks on vinyl LPs at 20 minutes a side can scarcely believe the wealth of music now available on CD (55 minutes from Navajo Joe! 75 minutes from Django!). But it’s still surprising what’s sometimes left out, and it seems only fair to let people know which key themes are missing from various CD releases.

Dead Men Ride / Django Shoots First (CAM) - missing Anda Muchacho, the great trumpet version of the DMR title theme (originally released as a single), and the Don Powell title song from DSF.

Son Of Django (GDM) - although the sleeve credits I Cantori Moderni, all the choral tracks are missing from this release, including the title theme, which is present only as an “instrumental base” version (BTW, what is the point of this growing trend, which takes the concept of ‘album filler’ to a whole new level?)

Adios Gringo / For a Dollar in the Teeth (CAM) - missing the Fred Bongusto title song from AG.

For a Few Dollars More (GDM) - has more music than was previously available, but much of it has been taken directly off the film, with intrusive sound effects and awkward edits to remove dialogue.

Run Man Run (CAM) - for some reason, this has a version of the title song by John Balfour rather than Tomas Milian.

[i]Django, Prepare Your Coffin/i - on the plus side, this contains only the original music and not pirated tracks from Bullets Don’t Argue as used in the actual film!

I imagine some of these omissions are for technical reasons (damaged master tapes from FAFDM?) or copyright ones (disputed rights for CAM singles?). Does anyone else have examples they can think of?

Nice post. There are also bootleg scores around for all the dollar films with sound not bad at all for this kind of thing and contain much more music not on the official releases.