Sonny And Jed (1972/Corbucci) (as of now questions for Susan George)

(YourPallbearer) #1

I’m certain there already is a thread on this so can anybody please link me to it?

Ms. George has agreed to be interviewed and I would like to get any questions you guys would have about “Sonny And Jed”.

(korano) #2

How about…

What was it like working in Spain on an Italian Western?

How was it working with Tomas Milian?

How was Sergio Corbucci?

(Paco Roman) #3

What do you remember about Telly Savalas and Herbert Fux?
Would you have done another Spaghetti Western or another Movie directed by Corbucci too?
How was the atmosphere on the set?
Why a Western after Straw Dogs?

(Tom B.) #4

Yes very curious how she got along with Milian as he is so convincing in his treating her like dirt in the film.

Tell her she is fondly remembered and admired as a great actress from that era. :-*

(Phil H) #5

Amen to that :slight_smile:

I’m also curious to know how she got along with Milian. He is always good for a colourful story and by his own admition was ‘difficult’ to work with.

(YourPallbearer) #6

Susan George has agreed to be interviewed for my book.

And if anybody else has questions on the below films please let me know here…

LOLA (aka Twinkey)

And just about anything else where she has a meaty role in.

(korano) #7

What was here participation in Jackie Brown. I believe she is thanked in the credits.

(YourPallbearer) #8

That seems to be the extent of her participation in that.


Did she enjoy working with Telly Savalas?

(korano) #10

What is your favorite film of yours Ms. George?

(Phil H) #11

I’m keen to hear about her memories of working with british director Peter Collinson. She made 3 films with him that I am aware of (Up the Junction, Fright and Tomorrow Never Comes). Collinson made some interesting films here including The Italian Job but his work always seems to split opinion. His western, A Man Called Noon, is a perfect case in point.

Also, some of my favourite Susan George films are her earlier British ones. (All Neat in Black Stockings, The Strange Affair, Spring and Port Wine) I’d like to hear what she remembers of that ‘swinging sixties’ era in the British film industry.

Lastly, how she found adapting from child to adult acting.

That should do for me.