Some questions to Return of Ringo!

(Paco Roman) #1

I watched the German version and I’m quite sure it’s cut. So I have a few question to the plot I’m missing.

How did Fernando Sancho died? In my version Sancho shoots with the Butterfly-MG on Ringo. Ringo shoots on the flowerpot next to him. Then the flowerpot explodes . Is this the end of Sancho ?The next scene is when Ringo meets Paco and they begin to fight.

Who is the Indian ?
What’s with the herbs the Indian gave to Ringo’s Friend at the beginning? (Or is it just something to smoke?)

Has anybody of you seen the uncut version of Return of Ringo?

(korano) #2

I watched the Japanese SPO version and it is probably the same as yours. Sancho must have died from the explosition. Maybe the herbs were to make the dye for Ringo’s hair. I’m not sure if the SPO edition is cut or not but it could be Tessari’s falt for not elaborating.

(Paco Roman) #3

Thanks Korano, sounds plausible. :slight_smile:

(Sebastian) #4

be patient, wait for the Koch version :wink:

(Paco Roman) #5

I know and I’m happy about it! :wink:


As you are happy, something to listen to ;):

(Paco Roman) #7

[quote=“ENNIOO, post:6, topic:1482”]As you are happy, something to listen to ;):

Great Song, great Score and great Movie! :slight_smile:

(scherpschutter) #8

I like one of the comments in the You Tube link

In Japan Return of Ringo apparently was presented as a sequel to One Silver Dollar !
Seems like all people made their own spaghetti western history

(autephex) #9

so the SPO disc is cut compared to the Koch release?

(Stanton) #10

I don’t think so

(autephex) #11

The Koch release has a runtime of 93 mins, according to their website, which converts to 96 mins 58 secs NTSC.

So if there’s no funny stuff going on with the runtimes, then it doesn’t seem to be cut. But then, the runtimes dont really mean much in spaghettiland

(Cian) #12

I’ve got the SPO copy and there is a scene in the trailer missing from the film. At the beginning Ringo shoots dead 2 mexicans in the cantina. In the trailer this scene is far bloodier than the film. Another cut or just a case of edited footage making it into trailers?

(Col. Douglas Mortimer) #13

I’m also confused about the scenes at the beginning. Like when the barkeeper goes up to the indian to ask for herbs for a sick friend, well ringo is not even sick,he’s just drunk and depressed! The indian just gives the guy some stuff that looks like buckwheat, next thing you know its being boiled to some red colored liquid, like boiling beets! It doesn’t make sense.

(tomobea) #14


Yes, You are right, the sceen in the bar in the begginning of the film is cut 2-3 sek in the old SPO version, but it`s uncut in the re-release of
the film (SPO)