Soleil Rouge (1971, Terence Young)

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Yesterday I watched “Soleil Rouge” (Red Sun/ Rivalen unter roter Sonne) for the first time and now I´m a bit confused.
Can you really call this a Spaghetti Western that should be mentioned in the SW Database (as it already is)?

I don´t think so. Apart from not being directed oder produced from an Italian, in my opinion there are several reasons to call this NOT a Spaghetti Western:

  1. Music/ Score, most of the camera angles (e.g. Bronson and the Samurai riding through the desert - camera in front of them) reminds me of the 1950s/60s US Westerns

  2. The Indians - Demonstrated, like US Western typically, as silly people (e.g. shooting and screaming by riding around the building) in absurd costumes - just take a look at their chief :o

  3. And mostly: The altruistic ending - absolutely atypical for a SW: Eastwood in the dollar trilogy would have taken the money from Gauche (Alain Delon) and would have given the samurai sword to the Japanese ambassador but not without earning some money for this deal - don´t you think?

What´s your opinion?

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I would say,it is a SW, because it is in the book (Bruckner).

OK, that’s no explanation. Usually we say, it is a SW if there’s some Italian participation in the project (Studio, director, producer…)

In thius case it is difficult, cause the director is British (Terence Young), it is filmed in Almeria, some sources say, it was co-produced by Italians (don’t know who). For Bruckner this is enough to call it a SW. I can’t say, how big the Italian participation was.

I would call it a Eurowestern.

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That’s about third or forth time someone started a topc on this movie :stuck_out_tongue: C’mon guys, there’s even a link to the topic in the movie’s database page!,413.0.html

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I was only answering a question! I didn’t expect a kind of Spanish Inquisition :wink:

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Nobody expects Spanish Inquisition! Anyway, i ain’t talking 'bout love… errr… i mean about your post, “c’mon guys” was just a rethorical figure i used to adress all the people who start yet another post about a movie that has got its own post already :wink:

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Maybe I was only intimidated by your avatar… :smiley:

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Worry not, the gun is only for the self-defence

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Than what about these ones:

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I´m sorry for this - I used the search function before opening the thread, but couldn´t find an already existing thread - so this one can be closed…

Nevertheless - these sideburns are really strange ;D

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you’d be surprised at how good a conversation starter sideburns are… real crowd pleaser, they are

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I will give it a try when I am out this week :D.

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A friend of mine tried a mustache last weekend. Wasn’t really a success…

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[quote=“Dillinger, post:14, topic:1536”]A friend of mine tried a mustache last weekend. Wasn’t really a success…

My sideburns times are over, I wear a beard now. But not as bulky as ENNIOO’s avatar…[/quote]

my sideburns tend to get out of control and cross over into full blown chops- mostly due to laziness on my part… i tried a beard last year, but alas, the rest of my face just cant seem to get there