Software for Cataloging Collection?

I really need to catalogue my movie collection. Any recommendations for PC software or an iPad app?

Hmmm… if there isn’t already something out there, maybe a project I could take on

There are some iPad apps with barcode reading option that sound good. Manually entering thousands of titles may take a while! I tried one of the free ones which sucked. Didn’t recognize some bar codes and didn’t give an option to manually enter titles…

I’ve been using DVD Profiler by Invelos ([/url]) on my pc for a good few years now. I like it a lot. They also have iOS and Android apps so you can sync your pc catalogue to your phone or iPad but I’m not as much of a fan of the Android version, it’s pretty bloated (I’ve no idea about the iOS version).

For my phone, I prefer to use My Movies Pro (


Thanks for that. I think I’ll try the DVD Profiler for iPad. The barcode scanner is a great feature!

I started using DVD Profiler for the iPad and its very cool! Barcode scanner works great and once titles are saved to my collection I sync to my iPhone through their website and it automatically populates there too. Thanks again.

No worries, fella. Enjoy!

I’ve been using this site for many years.

Downside is that it doesn’t have some of the more obscure films and releases listed.