¿ should Wild East put commentaries on their DVDs?

[b]¿ Would you like to hear commentaries on Wild East DVD’s ?

¿ Commentaries by the filmmakers who are still with us or by scholars who know what’s what ?

¿ Why doesn’t Wild East put commentary channels on its DVD’s ?

Vote, then perhaps say a few words why you voted the way you did.


Of course I would love Wildeast to put commentaries on their discs, problem is I don’t think they have the budget to pay for it. It would be an added expense to their overhead. And its not like their making alot of profit either.

Never bother with listening to commentaries on dvd’s, prefer interviews etc as extra’s on the dvd.

I prefer interviews myself as extra’s, don’t care for commentaries.

Interviews for me too if possible

I don’t think I’ve ever listned to the commentary on anything before. Prefer interviews. WE should just keep doing what they do. If it ain’t broke…well, you know how it goes.

I prefer interviews too.

Want to see the second part of the George Hilton interview the most, the guy looks very well for his age.