Seven7 Gentleman Killer

Was wondering if anyone could provide some screenshots for this disc? Was thinking about buying it but would like to know how much of an improvement it would be in comparison to the Wild East release

Just checked my site for the WE screenshots? ;D The power of statistics is too great. Just imagine what google knows. :frowning:

There are some screenshots from the French disc somewhere, I just can’t remember the address for now. I’ll try searching for it, but I’m quite sure it was much better than the WE disc. Though of course without English audio.

EDIT: Here’s a comparison between the French and German discs:

I suppose the French disc is much better than the WE one, but to my eyes it looks way too filtered. I bet it would look horrible in higher resolutions (meaning not like film at all…).

hey thanks a lot Sundance.

Yep, that was me checking your site :slight_smile:

I can see what you’re saying about the filtering. Still, it does look to be an improvement over the WE disc. Hmm

Was thinking about ordering the Shanghai Joe disc and adding this one on to the order as well.