Seven Pistols for a Massacre / 7 pistole per un massacro (Mario Caiano, 1967)

(Sebastian) #4

held it in hands a few times, never dared to buy :slight_smile:

(Silence) #5

Is it? I thougt it was a Zapata Western…

(Starblack) #6

No Zapata elements here, just a solid action/revenge Western with a good cast and adequate direction.

(magnus) #7

I really liked this one. Very low budget and without surprices, but not a dull moment. Also on the plus side are dancing girls having a fistfight with the banditgang, who can say no to something like that?

(LankyFellow) #8

I like it,too.
There’s a very dense atmosphere,because the whole plot plays in and around the saloon.
Craig Hill is cool and Ede Fajardo is a good badman,like everytime.

(Dillinger) #9

I watched this one a couple of days ago. As Seb wrote here few years ago,

Eventually I bought is and I liked it. OK, the image is quite poor and some scenes are like (as Kessler calls scenes like that) “der Kampf der Neger im Tunnel”. Nevertheless it has a great cast, especially the baddie-panel is way above average. Hill is good as well.

In the beginning the story reminded me of “Die Hard” with Hill in a city occupied by bandidos.

BTW a 1:1 adaptation of Die Hard would be a great western…

(Spaghetti Monkey) #10

Get Carpenter to direct and we’ve got a winner 8)

(The Stranger) #11

Very average SW, and otherwise it is entertaining.
While there are not surprises, but ok, there are worse things.
The cast is great: Craig Hill, Piero Lulli, Eduardo Fajardo, Nello Pazzafini, Spartaco Conversi, Roberto Camardiel, Jacques Herlin. The story is a bit like “The Greatest Kidnapping in the West”. The music by Francesco de Masi is good, but some parts are less successful.

But I agree with Lode: The German Starmedia DVD is terrible. The image quality is cruel. Every VHS tape has a better quality. The pictures have very little color. Many image jumps.

Some screenshots:

(Reverend Danite) #12

Ha ha - I don’t know what you are complaining about. :wink:
The image quality is better than my English language version. Compare…

And I’m still not complaining - I have loads worse than this. ;D

(ENNIOO) #13

Supposed to be getting a better version of this next week. Will post some screens if the quality is any good.

(The Stranger) #14

[quote=“Reverend Danite, post:12, topic:135”]Ha ha - I don’t know what you are complaining about. :wink:
The image quality is better than my English language version.
And I’m still not complaining - I have loads worse than this. ;D[/quote]

Maybe I’ve become too demanding. :wink:
But I also worse in my collection. :smiley:

But this is a DVD version. But ok. If we are honest. We are glad for any Spaghetti Western that we can see. :wink:

Is it a Fandub and source is the new French Seven 7 DVD?

(ENNIOO) #15

Think it is a fandub yes, but not sure of the dvd source print. Will let you know when I receive.

(ENNIOO) #16

Very serious song is sung in the saloon, bit to heavy for a Spaghetti. Some of the score tracks would be more suitable in a gothic horror film. Eduardo Fajardo lookes suitably crazy most of the time. Hill is a bit bland. To much time is spent in the town, and a few to many night scenes for me. Saloon fight broke the pace a little for me. However, alot of good elements here though to keep you watching and the time passes fast. Viewed a Spanish print dubbed into English. Few screens:

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(The Stranger) #17

Nice picture quality.
And I agree with you, the saloon fight broke the pace… and is very terrible. :wink:

(The Stranger) #18

We have many screenshots of the various versions of this film.
Here are screenshots of the new French Seven7 DVD.
Thanks to a Japanese SW fan. :wink:


Haven’t seen the movie, but this shot is very similar to another classic shot in the Craig Hill SW I WANT HIM DEAD.

(The Stranger) #20

You’re right, there is a similar scene. But both films are not comparable. Both have a different story.
For me, “I WANT HIM DEAD” is the better film. :wink:

(ENNIOO) #21

Oh no she is singing that ever so serious song. The type which you would usually get shouted at for singing in many a Spaghetti western.

(tomobea) #22

I think the French DVD is the best Vesion!

(Chris_Casey) #23

I’ve always liked this film, even though…as others have said…it is not anything special.
The musical score by De Masi is great, as one should expect from the maestro.
I would love to see a good print of this available in English!