Seven Pistols for a Massacre / 7 pistole per un massacro (Mario Caiano, 1967)

(Spaghetti Monkey) #10

Get Carpenter to direct and we’ve got a winner 8)

(The Stranger) #11

Very average SW, and otherwise it is entertaining.
While there are not surprises, but ok, there are worse things.
The cast is great: Craig Hill, Piero Lulli, Eduardo Fajardo, Nello Pazzafini, Spartaco Conversi, Roberto Camardiel, Jacques Herlin. The story is a bit like “The Greatest Kidnapping in the West”. The music by Francesco de Masi is good, but some parts are less successful.

But I agree with Lode: The German Starmedia DVD is terrible. The image quality is cruel. Every VHS tape has a better quality. The pictures have very little color. Many image jumps.

Some screenshots:

(Reverend Danite) #12

Ha ha - I don’t know what you are complaining about. :wink:
The image quality is better than my English language version. Compare…

And I’m still not complaining - I have loads worse than this. ;D

(ENNIOO) #13

Supposed to be getting a better version of this next week. Will post some screens if the quality is any good.

(The Stranger) #14

[quote=“Reverend Danite, post:12, topic:135”]Ha ha - I don’t know what you are complaining about. :wink:
The image quality is better than my English language version.
And I’m still not complaining - I have loads worse than this. ;D[/quote]

Maybe I’ve become too demanding. :wink:
But I also worse in my collection. :smiley:

But this is a DVD version. But ok. If we are honest. We are glad for any Spaghetti Western that we can see. :wink:

Is it a Fandub and source is the new French Seven 7 DVD?

(ENNIOO) #15

Think it is a fandub yes, but not sure of the dvd source print. Will let you know when I receive.

(ENNIOO) #16

Very serious song is sung in the saloon, bit to heavy for a Spaghetti. Some of the score tracks would be more suitable in a gothic horror film. Eduardo Fajardo lookes suitably crazy most of the time. Hill is a bit bland. To much time is spent in the town, and a few to many night scenes for me. Saloon fight broke the pace a little for me. However, alot of good elements here though to keep you watching and the time passes fast. Viewed a Spanish print dubbed into English. Few screens:

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(The Stranger) #17

Nice picture quality.
And I agree with you, the saloon fight broke the pace… and is very terrible. :wink:

(The Stranger) #18

We have many screenshots of the various versions of this film.
Here are screenshots of the new French Seven7 DVD.
Thanks to a Japanese SW fan. :wink:


Haven’t seen the movie, but this shot is very similar to another classic shot in the Craig Hill SW I WANT HIM DEAD.

(The Stranger) #20

You’re right, there is a similar scene. But both films are not comparable. Both have a different story.
For me, “I WANT HIM DEAD” is the better film. :wink:

(ENNIOO) #21

Oh no she is singing that ever so serious song. The type which you would usually get shouted at for singing in many a Spaghetti western.

(tomobea) #22

I think the French DVD is the best Vesion!

(Chris_Casey) #23

I’ve always liked this film, even though…as others have said…it is not anything special.
The musical score by De Masi is great, as one should expect from the maestro.
I would love to see a good print of this available in English!

(Stanton) #24

This is a forgettable film. The basic idea is of some interest, but nothing is done with it.

It is the last of Caiano’s SWs I have seen, and while he had shown in some of them a certain feeling for filming western scenes, this one does not belong to them. He was better with outdoor scenes, and 7 pistole is a town bound film with no atmosphere. And when Caiano tries to do be stylish or different it only looks pretty shitty.

Average 3/10

(chameleon) #25

Re-watched it with a much better copy from the french dvd and what a difference it makes! Now i can throw away the other lowsy pan and scan shitty copy. I’m probably one of the few who actually likes this one, it’s not Hill’s best, but good enough for me, i’ve seen worse. The whole premise of the town being under siege by outlaws works for me. I can almost compare this to John Carpenter’s "Assault on Precint 13th or even Rio Bravo, just my opinion. 3/5

(tomobea) #26

The French DVD is CUT about 4 minutes, that`s a shame!!!

(ENNIOO) #27

Cheers Tom, nice print the French dvd aswell.

(The Man With a Name) #28

I watched this one recently. Nothing special but I enjoyed it at least. I think the bootleg I have uses the print from the French DVD. The French audio has been replaced with an English dub.

(p.pereira) #29

Watch it today. Spanish transfer, very blury.
Low profile movie. Watch it, forget it.