Seasonal greetings from Almeria

(El Indalo) #1

Best wishes to Sebastian and all the gringos we met last year in Almeria.
Hasta la vista amigos.
Richard and Veronica

(Phil H) #2

And back at you my friends!

Hope all is well with Tuco Tours and that we’ll get the chance to meet up again in sunny Almeria soon. This year’s trip was one we will remember fondly for the rest of our days. :slight_smile:

(Reverend Danite) #3

Seconded - this was certainly a highlight of the year for me. Thanks and seasonal greetings to y’all!

(Tigrero) #4

Sorry aint been on here much so just read your post. Hope you both had a great festive season. May Tuco tours continue to grow and prosper in 2009. Can’t wait for an excuse to do it all again. Great memories. Thanks chaps.