Scherpschutter down


Acromion, clavicle, acromioclavicular joint, disruption of the joint and osteoarthritis - to most people these words are only terms from a biology book, for me they determine my actual status: years ago I had a big fall resulting in a dislocation of the AC-joint. Over the years I’ve had several cortisone injections to ease the pain, but the situation went from bad to worse. Finally I decided to go for a radical solution and yesterday morning, January 2, I had shoulder surgery at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Turnhout, Belgium.

There were quite a few complications, first there were problems with the local anesthesia, then it turned out be virtually impossible to intubate me, due to the unusual form and structure of my trachea (it took 3 anesthesists some twenty minutes to get it done and when I woke up I had terrible throat pain) and finally the damage to the shoulder was much worse than it had appeared on photos and a scan. I’m home now, but for the moment I’m one-armed (and not a swordsman). Even typing with one hand is quite an ordeal. My full recovery will take 2-3 months. Won’t be a pleasant time, but at least there’s a possibility that a lead a normal life again in the future, a life without shoulder pain.


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That sucks.

Speedy recovery, scherpschutter!

scherpy, amigo, get well soon

Glad everything went all right. I obviously wish you a fast recuperation, scherp.

I know something about such things, as I have some health troubles myself which pertain to my heart. Fortunately, I feel fine and function normally, but I have to examined one or two times per year and I’ve yet to undergo one decisive operation in some unspecified future.

All the best to you, Sherp!

Aye, hope it all works out with a shoulder-pain-free future awaiting you!

Rest up, mate :wink:

Oh, moan moan moan! There’s LOADS you can do with just the one hand. I’ll send you an instructional and VERY educational video. As soon as I’ve filmed myself… um, instructing. :slight_smile:

[size=8pt](All the best, fella)[/size]

Sorry to hear. Have a nice rest :slight_smile: .

All I can do is wish you a qucick and speedy recovery Sherp!

Three months recovering time, well take the best out of it. After a few days stuck at home all we wanna do is go outside

I’ve once broke the clavicle (isn’t also called collarbone?), and it was quite painful.

Have a speedy recovery Sherp, in a few days you will be ready to pump some iron

My best wishes too.
But then you probably have a lot of time for watching films and writing some one handed reviews.

I’m going to get me a copy of The Lef-Handed Gun for sure !

(I’m a natural right-hander but doing everything with the left hand at the moment)


Best wishes for a fast recovery!

Sherp: after titling this thread “Sherpshutter down”, I think you’re under a certain obligation to find a copy of White House Down and view it while recuperating.

Jeez that looks nasty, I hope you’re ok.

I wish you a fast recovery! :frowning:

I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you, Scherp - get well soon!

Very sorry to hear of your troubles, Scherp. I hope it heals quickly for you.