Ruthless Colt of the Gringo / La venganza de Clark Harrison (José Luis Madrid, 1966),_La

Man is framed for murder and serves a prison sentence ( which is rather on the short side ), and yes you guessed it he seeks revenge when released. Things are made a bit easier for him when he is appointed Sheriff, and he is also trying to get his girl back.

Italian dvd print is a bit on the dark side at the start of the film, but is in the correct widescreen ratio. Music is credited to Francesco De Masi, but one track that is played a bit in the film is an instrumental track of " A Gringo Like Me" by Morricone from the film " Gunfight At Red Sands". The running time of the version I viewed is just over 79 mins[font=times new roman], [/font]and according to the database and what I have read the original running time is longer. If so it makes sense as you can tell in the way the storyline does not flow as smooth as it should do.

Have this bookmarked on CG. Is it worth a look Ennioo?

An average one for me Phil, but I would like to read your thoughts on the film…so go for it :wink: .

I thought the film was boring and too much imitation of old american westerns. It was hard to resist snoozing during the film. Best thing in the film was the borrowed Morricone track.

My rating: 3/10

Sol Lester is loose! Read all about in the review by @Djangoisme!

Decided to give this one a watch since I haven’t put a spaghetti on in a while. Unfortunately it’s pretty boring but it wasn’t too difficult to finish since it only lasted 79 minutes. I would definitely give it another watch out of curiosity if an English dub turned up. The Italian soundtrack was quite bad, so it’d be interesting to see if an English version would be an improvement. Until then, I will avoiding this one. The best thing about the film is the main theme, which I really like.