Running time on the New Kino Lorber Blu-ray: A Minute To Pray, A Second To Die

The new KL release of A Minute To Pray, A Second To Die lists the running time as 99 minutes. Yet the MGM 2004 DVD release lists the running time as close to 2 hours, (118 minutes). Are there any scenes cut/missing from the new version? Or is it a matter of the speed of the new transfer slightly faster than the older available version? I’ve heard of that happening. Depending on the ratio aspect some transfers are faster or slower and that affects the running time. I will still get the KL version because I am looking forward to listening to Alex Cox’s commentary track.

The dvd listed a wrong runtime. It only ran for 98 min. So the same cut print is used for the blu-ray it seems.

Apparently. See,A_Second_to_Die_Blue-Ray_review(Kino),_un_istante_per_morire,_Un/BluRay

“US Theatrical Cut Only”

I wonder if the original italian version is lost forever or something… it’s 20 minutes longer which should change the movie quite a bit.


According to Simon the 20 minutes really does change the whole movie. It’s apparently really downbeat.,a_Second_to_Die(Composite_version)_Review

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I’m not interested in short version, it’s only averageat best. Uncut version is really good one.


That’s what I’m wondering kevenz. I’m going to sit down soon and watch both copies and report back here what scenes (if any) might be missing and how they affect the advancement of the story.

American audiences frequently got shortchanged on content. THE BIG GUNDOWN is one glaring example.

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I can tell you that France and Germany usually have heavily cut movies… missing around 15-20 mins per films.

The upcoming German one is suppossedly the full uncut one, right? See the other thread

yeah most likely…. I’m talking about the dubbed version that appeared back in the 60s and 70s :slight_smile: people back then didn’t like long movies and theaters also so most movies were cut.

These films also often appeared on double bills which required restrictive run times.