Roberto Mauri

I’ve only seen one movie by this director, Shotgun, which I found enjoyable. What do you think of him?

I only know Sartana In The Valley Of Death, which is one of my least favourite SWS, maybe the worst I’ve seen so far.

With ‘Shotgun’ you’ve seen the very best of him

Against his other ones some Fidanis are masterpieces

[quote=“LankyFellow, post:3, topic:1780”]With ‘Shotgun’ you’ve seen the very best of him

Against his other ones some Fidanis are masterpieces[/quote]
Then I understand what Dillinger is talking about.

He’s absolutely right

I think I’ve seen only 3 Mauri films:
valley of death -which I thought was ok
Animal called Man -awful
Django Adios -can’t remember anything, probably not very good

I also have his Spirito Santo movies but I’m in no hurry to watch 'em, especially since they’re in italian without subs.

Is he on the same level as Crea :o?!

Yeah,thats a bad mixture - A boring movie and a language which we’ll not understand :smiley:

Koch should produce a Mauri Box then…

I’ve seen only Sartana In The Valley Of Death, it was utter crap. Easily one of the worst spagies i’ve seen. Not even Berger could save it from total disaster, he seemed so bored throughout the whole film.

I haven’t see Shotgun for a good few years but I remember hating it. Remember very little about Sartana in the Valley of Death, which perhaps says it all, and don’t care much for Colorado Charlie. Oh, and Django Adios and his Spirito Santo films are pretty terrible too - alternating between tedium and buffoonish.

All in all, not one of my favourite directors…

Which is saying something !