RIP Suso Cecchi d'Amico

[size=14pt]Suso Cecchi d’Amico [/size]

Well the name may sound strange, but this lady that died yesterday at the beautiful age of 96 years old , was best known as Miss Cinecittá. Newspaper “La Repubblica” said in her obituary, that was not only a certain age of the Italian and Roman cinema that died. but also died a way of understanding cinema as an art form, that coming from an Italian newspaper means much really.
This was the favourtite screenwriter of Visconti for him she wrote Bellissima and Il Leopardo, the script from Bycicle thief and Roma citta Libera, Senso are also from her.
She has in her account some of the best Italian films of the last century what more can I say about her.
In the SW genre she wrote the script together with Luigi bazzoni for Pride and Vengeance, scripts from films like Il diavolo nel cervello, Visconti’s Lo straniero, or Senza sapere niente di lei are also from her.

What more can be said what a lady Miss Cinecittá.


Very sad. But a very good age.


(I must confess I’ve never heard of her though)