RIP Roberto Pregadio

Italian composer Roberto Pregadio died in Rome Novmber 15th at the age of 81.
Pregadio scored 11 Spaghetti westerns among which the score for “The Forgotten
Pistolero” is one of the most recognized scores of the genre. :’(

I love this guy’s work. Especially Il Pistolero Dell’Ave Maria. I shall play Ballata Per Un Pistolero in his memory.


That’s a shame.
Forgotten Pistolero is a genuinely great score. And Django the Last Killer and Bullet in the Forehead aren’t too damn shabby either.
A sad loss.

We only seem to have links to 8 on his page in the databse Tom. Which ones are missing, do you know?

Shame. Did some other nice work in other genre’s aswell of course.

Really sad news. RIP :’(.

He was a great composer. R.I.P.

[quote=“Phil H, post:4, topic:2556”]We only seem to have links to 8 on his page in the databse Tom. Which ones are missing, do you know?[/quote]

11 is wrong.

And according to Bruckner this one is probably also wrong:ì_divennero_i_tre_supermen_del_West

Unless Robert Deramont is an alias of Pregadio or Bruckner is wrong about this.

Any ideas?

Thank you for all, Maestro, RIP.

IMDb credits him with “Shotgun” the Tab Hunter western and “The Wrath of God” with Brett Halsey as Montgomery Ford. He could have been the conductor on these films instead of composer. ???

Sorry to hear this. He was a good composer.

Don’t have Shotgun but I just checked the opening credits of Wrath of God and it lists as follows:

Musiche di
Michele Lacerenza
dirette da Roberto Pregadio
Tromba solista Michele Lacerenza
Edizione musicale C.A.M.

This suggests that Pregadio was indeed just the conductor and possibly arranger of the music in this one, not the composer.

Yes, Lacarenza wrote the score to Wrath of God. (not infallible) doesn’t credit him for Shotgun.

Still, for the theme to Il Pistolero… alone, we owe Pregadio (and Micalizzi) a huge debt. Tremendous piece of music.