RIP Robert Culp

Robert Culp who player Thomas Luther Price in “Hannie Caulder” died today from a fall near his home. He was 79. :’(

RIP Mr. Culp.

Liked him in I Spy, Culp & Cosby, a nice childhood memory

They also did a film together (I think Culp directed it), that had a great shoot out in a football stadium
Can’t think of the title

Good actor

Hickey & Boggs I think

he was good in Hannie Caulder. rip Robert Culp.

What would Hannie Caulder have done without him?

Throwing away her poncho?

The man was always ahead of his time, so no wonder he finally caught up with Eminem

I Spy probably was the first postmodern TV series, it had all the necessary ingredients