RIP Rick Horn

Antonius ‘Anton’ Johannes Geesink (aka Rik Horn) died today August 27, 2010 in Utrecht, The Netherlands. Anton was born in Utrecht, The Netehlands on April 6, 1934. He was a three time World Judo Champion (1961, 1964 and 1965) and a Olympic Gold Medalist in 1964. RIP :’(

You are usually spot on -and very fast with such info-, a lot of respect for that. But this time only half of the information is correct.
Anton Geesink died, not Rik Horn (an aka for someone else). scherpschutter did a little investigating and proved this a couple of months ago. Geesink was credited for The man from Oklahoma but this is incorrect. Therefore the man in the pic is not Geesink.

Nevertheless: RIP Geesink, the first non Japanese judo champ.

Geesink did not star in many films, but has two interesting titles (apart from the judo one) in which he had small roles:

  • Rififi in Amsterdam (1962, Giovanni Korporaal)
  • I grandi condottieri (1965, Marcello Baldi & Francisco Pérez-Dolz)

Rififi in Amsterdam is not to be confused with an Italian film that shares the same title.

Right, Geesink did not play in The Man from Oklahoma, but we still do not know who this Rik Horn is (or was)
I came up with the name of Samson Burke, but according to some people who have interviewed him, he wasn’t The man from Oklahoma either

RIP Anton Geesink

Thanks guys sorry for the error.